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REVIEW: For Beloved One's Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

First, it was the Japanese. Koreans came the second. Now, Taiwan's skincare brands are infiltrating fast and furious into our local beauty scene! Has anyone else noticed the explosion? But of course, being a skincare junkie, I'm MORE than elated about it! :D

The latest brand to hit our shores is For Beloved One. I'm not really clued in on Taiwanese products, but this brand is making its exclusive launch at Sephora Singapore (Outlets are at Great World City, ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya S.C.).

The launch speaks volumes about the brand because this is the first Taiwanese brand available at Sephora. I'm trying to recall other Asian brands that can be found at Sephora but I can't seem to think of any...

For Beloved One is known for its peculiar bio-cellulose masks. These masks are medical bio-fibers' first foray into the beauty field. According to the brand, these masks have found places in the hearts of Barbie Hsu (大S), Annie Yi (伊能靜) and Niu Er (牛爾)!

It was to my utter delight that The Sample Store sent me a box of the Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Masks (3 pieces.) for review. Many thanks! :DDD

And just a little about the masks (Which contains quite a bit of jargon.)...

The Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask contains 'a complex microbial organism that has gone through rigorous fermentation engineering, then is derived from the nano grade organic fibers; it is produced from the natural organic fibers with a fiber diameter that is 1/133 of the average petrochemical mask (non-woven mask) , it allows air and water vapor to pass through, but can still retain the characteristics of water; it is well attachable to human skin and is now used in the medical community for the purposes of cardiovascular rehabilitation and artificial skin. It serves the purpose of "iontophoresis" treatment, so that serum can be penetrated skin in a more efficient way; its low sensitivity feature makes the mask very suitable for medical treatments such as pulsed light, acid peels, lasers and other cosmetic treatments.'

This mask is meant for those who

use masks regularly.
want to achieve fast whitening effect.
have dull complexions, spots or whose skins lack elasticity or who want to prevent these problems.
are fans of outdoor activities and have fallen victims to wrinkles.

The mask contains

Lumiskin: Adjusts the concentration of calcium ions, and keeps tyrosinase in a non-active state to avoid the formation of melanin.

Melaclear2: Uses various ways to interfere tyrosinase activity; contains protease which can accelerate the process of wearing off spots and removing dead skin cells, rapidly takes the skin to a bright and flawless state.

Matrixyl: Can activate the fibroblasts in the dermis, release collagen secretion, and improve aging problem caused by sun exposure.

West Indian Cherry Extract: The fruit contains the most abundant amount of vitamin C among all fruits, can reverse the melanin formed in skin; also functions as an antioxidant.

Licorice Extract: Can inhibit tyrosinase.

Aglycone Soy Isoflavone: It is a female hormone that can initiate the in vivo antioxidant system to eliminate free radicals.

Vitamin E: For anti-aging purposes.

Vitamin B5: Repairs epidermal cells.

Before going all tai tai (Hehe.), I first give my face a good wash with Cetaphil and my trusty Clarisonic Mia.

Say hello to me at 9.30pm!!! Look, eyebags during the hols! Can you believe it?!? I can't imagine what's going to happen when school starts... BIG SIGH!

I do have a lot of redness going on in my face. It goes even redder when I blush and my friends call me 'tomato'. Sigh, again.

The mask is sandwiched between 2 layers. One is smooth and opaque.

The other is rough and semi-transparent. You are supposed to place the mask facing the rough side on your face.

So tadahh!!! THE MASKED WOMAN!!! (I know the mask is folded at the side in the photo. I adjusted it after snapping a shot and forgot about it! Apologies!)

I know there are flaps for the eyes, but I couldn't stand being awake and doing nothing for 20 minutes. So I went on Tumblr (Tumblr is my drug!!!).

Anyway, I do find the nose part of the mask a little too short. Or it could be that my nose is too long. Other than that, the mask fits my face nicely.

Do note that there is actually a lot of the essence on the aforementioned layers and inside the packet. I scooped all the goodness up and slathered it on my arms, legs, body, neck... Especially the neck! The neck is an area which we often neglect but it is the part that ages the fastest!

And this is how the mask looks like!!! If you watched 'Supernatural', it was like the gooey skin that the shapeshifters shed. Or if you caught the latest episode of 'True Blood', it was like when Pam peeled her skin off... Yeah! That sort of gooeyness!

Or a nicer (And probably more apt.) description would be like a thick layer of melted caramel... OOOH!!! Imagine!!!

It's like a thick 2nd layer of skin and it adhered to my face so well. I didn't have to worry about it sliding off my face when I sat upright!

Say hello to me at 10pm!!! Haha. I left it on slightly longer than usual. I think it was Verlyn, a.k.a. the Queen of Masks, who noticed that leaving masks on longer than usual actually caused the essences to be absorbed back by the masks, or something like that. I used to keep mine on for like an hour, but now I stop at 30 minutes.

I rubbed the remaining essence into my face and neck (You can see the mask draped across my neck in the photo!). You don't need to do rinsing of any sort and can just carry on with your skincare regime, like your serums and moisturizers!

So what do I say after using the mask?

I do notice an immediate lightening effect. My face has less redness in it and certainly feels more moisturized. I also feel that it's in a better condition. (:

I used this mask last Saturday night too. Ru saw my naked face on Thursday and on Sunday. And she commented on Sunday that my face was actually better and from Thursday to Sunday, all that I changed in my skincare regime was to include one application of this mask! :DDD

One good thing to do before any mask application is to refrigerate the mask! Besides being being the ultimate relaxing tool, the coldness can also help to tighten your pores.

This mask, as well as the other For Beloved One products, are available exclusively at Sephora Singapore. The masks come in a box of 3 at a retail price of $63.

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