Saturday, July 9, 2011

REVIEW: Mentholatum's Acnes Medicated Skincare

Those who are following me on Twitter will know that I have been keeping some really late nights. It has been getting a wee bit difficult to sleep. Lack of sleep shows up easily on the face and so, I definitely welcomed the arrival of Mentholatum's Acnes Medicated Skincare. Thank you, The Sample Store!

Acnes Medicated Skincare revolves around creating a confident you with their products. It is the top medicated skincare brand in Japan. The set is made up of a tube of the Creamy Wash (50g) and Sealing Jell (18g). The manufacturer is Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

The foundation of all skincare regimes is the cleanser and for Acnes, there is the Medicated Creamy Wash.

The pale yellow cleanser is housed in a tube. The amount needed is dispensed easily as the cleanser is rather thick.

Though thick, it foams easily with water and smells deliciously of lemons!

I do find the cleanser a little drying on the skin but it is tolerable. Those who have been reading my blog for some time now will know that I'm extremely particular about how my skin feels after washing. I cannot have the squeaky-clean, too-tight feeling. For this cleanser, I do feel a little squeaky-clean but there isn't the too-tight feeling, which I appreciate a lot.

For on-the-spot treatment, there is the Medicated Sealing Jell. Haha. Okay, I don't know man. Seriously (Okay, Charlene. What do you not know?!?). If I were to name something, I make sure I get the spelling right.

Perhaps, Acnes wanted to create some sort of a twist but it's funny (It's like the Skin79's B.B. Creams!). Funny weird though... Not funny haha. But okay, whatever right? As long as the product works! So does it? Mmmhmmm... Read on! :D

Again, this product is housed in a tube and the amount needed is dispensed easily as it is thick.

The first thing that hits you when you get the 'jell' out of the tube is its smell! The sulphur smell is hellishly strong! I'm not sure if you know of Nixoderm but yes, these 2 can be smell buddies! It is a smell that you need to get used to. But with that said, sulphur is a fantastic enemy of zits!

This 'jell' definitely works faster than Nixoderm (For those who are interested to know.). And guess what?!? It managed to get rid of some of the clogged pores in-between my brows. HOLAAAAAAAAAA!!! And it killed a zit on my cheek within 3 days! This, however, doesn't work on blackheads. Bummer! But it still is an awesome product! I'm used to the smell (Having been a Nixoderm girl some time back.) so I'll definitely purchase this, especially when Eryacne is so out-of-reach.

Unless you are really particular about scents/ smells, I urge you to give this 'jell', as weird as the spelling is, a shot!

This set, as well as the other Acnes' products, are available at Watsons! :DDD

P.S.: Redeem your FREE Acnes samples here: or!


  1. I think the sealing jell is awesome! I'm using it too cos I broke out recently.

  2. vivianism: Yay! ^5!!! Oh gosh! I hope it goes away soon! ):


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