Sunday, July 31, 2011

REVIEW: Skin Inc's Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask

I bought Skin Inc's Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask last August (Read about my haul here.). To date, it is my most expensive one-item haul but the stars aren't aligned right for me; it wasn't a miracle in a tub that I was hoping for.

Housed in a 100ml tub, this mask comes in a transparent gel. The tub's rather heavy and bulky. A spatula is provided so that you can scoop the mask out with it and not risk contamination of any sort. I like that it's hygienic but after a while, such a measure becomes troublesome.

It contains

Okinawa Deep Sea Water: Chock-full of nutrients like zinc and magnesium, which regulate sebum production, repair the skin's natural barrier and aid in the improvement of eczema symptoms.
Soya Bean: Brightens up your complexion
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates your skin.

It is gentle enough to be used daily on all skin types. After cleansing, spread a thin layer all over the face for 30 mins or leave it on overnight.

This little pot of gold cost me $188. It is supposed to be used up within 6 months but come August 24th, I'll be celebrating its first-year anniversary (I'm really hoping that I'll finish it before mid-August!). If I remembered it right, the lady told me that the tub's good for 72 applications, making each one $2.61. That's equivalent to 2 My Beauty Diary masks. Price-wise, it is alright, though shelling out $188 at one shot really hurts the heart.

I usually leave the mask on overnight. It isn't entirely absorbed into the skin because when I wash my face in the morning, I can feel the layer of mask. I wake up to moisturized skin but the thing is, I get the same effect with My Beauty Diary masks or with my Hazeline Snow, for less.

There isn't any immediate brightening effect. But neither do I notice any long-term brightening. That could be because it takes place gradually and I mask only once or twice a week but my Vichy Bi-WHITE REVEAL Skincare Range seems to be doing a better job at this.

The lady mentioned that many of SKINC's clients were ex-SKII users. I have no idea how much truth is in that statement but from my brief encounter with SKII, I actually think SKII's more of a 'miracle' than SKINC.

I think this would be good for people with dry skin and are currently using masks which are more expensive and want to save on that. But if you're looking for more than hydration, nuh-uh. Give this a miss and go spend your moolah somewhere else!

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