Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIEW: TheNatureLab's Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask

Recently, The Sample Store sent me a bottle of TheNatureLab's Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask for review.

TheNatureLab's vision is to provide us, ladies, with the best that nature has to offer. Merging science with organically-grown produce, their researchers have found ways to optimize and enhance the properties of the produce and at the same time, keep them affordable for you and me!

Oxygen helps speed up the shedding of old skin cells and aid skin rejuvenation. As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain and utilize oxygen for repairing, regeneration and reproduction. This results in our skin appearing dull and ageing prematurely. Hence, ensuring that our skin receives adequate amount of oxygen is important!

The Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask is said to contain 8 benefits in just one action! It is able to

1. Cleanse
2. Detoxify
3. Ex foliate
4. Replenish oxygen
5. Apply mask
6. Hydrate
7. Tone the skin
8. Provide vitamins.

The mask is dispensed from a nozzle. This is something which I like every much because it means that I don't have to stick my fingers into the product and risk any sort of contamination (Though I do wash my hands first before touching anything. But you know, just in case. Heh.).

You are supposed to pump 3 times but I go for 1-2 pumps. The mask comes out a transparent gel and it smells very clean!!! I love these pleasant clean scents!

After pumping the mask out, I spread it all over a dry face and wait for a couple of seconds!

And look!!! Bubbles!!! It's really interesting to see the gel bubble up! I rub the product gently into my skin and the foam gets absorbed into the skin and eventually disappears. I rinse my face a little and then, carry on with my moisturizer. After rinsing, the skin feels softer and firmer. There is a too-clean feeling but thankfully, there isn't the too-tight feeling, so two thumbs up! :D

The one thing which I love about this product is its multi-usage. Despite the fact that I'm on my holidays, I'm actually busier than when I have school. I haven't really got time to go through my entire skincare regime without falling asleep in the loo. So I have really just been slapping this on.

One thing which I must mention is that just last month, I was wondering if I could ever leave the house with a naked face. All the 'running around' business has taken quite a toll on my skin. But I noticed this morning that hey! My skin's actually looking a lot better and I can actually do a naked face. I still have a couple of blemishes but my skin isn't looking so dull and tired anymore. So THUMBS UP AND SPASTIC SMILE! :DDD

I have just been using this for a week though so I will definitely update when I'm done with it. (: But for now, this mask sure makes quite a first impression! And oh yes! The mask is free of parabens! :D

This is available at Watsons. The usual price is $48.90 but right now, it's at a special introductory price of $36.50!

Also, you can like TheNatureLab's Facebook page and play the Spot and Win game to win a bottle of the Oxygen Shield Mask! :D

EDIT: Hey ladies. While I do quite like this product, I came across Jerlene's blog entry and thought I share it with you as she was very detailed in her review. She really scrutinizes the ingredients which I appreciate a lot. Lastly, do take note that products work differently on different people. (:

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