Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SHOWCASE: Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadow Box (Part I)

I got the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box at $63 last year. It was a present to myself for working. LOL! I find excuses to get myself presents all the time... Heh! XD

The slim Deluxe Shadow box comes in a gorgeous velvet case with a sequined front. It houses 9 of Urban Decay's vibrant and classic colours. Accompanied with a mirror, applicators and a vial of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion, this is pretty handy for travel.

I really like the fact that there is a mixture of bright and neutral colours... So you can play up your eyeshadows whenever you're in the mood or tone them down for an elegant dinner!

My favourite's Fishnet because it's so complex. It's a mixture of bright and dark purple and the presence of the former creates some sort of a luminosity to it.

I'm going to do Part II right now, so stay tuned!

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