Thursday, July 21, 2011

SPOTTED: Steam Cream!!!

Hello! I hope you had a lovely Thursday today. :D I spent mine at Orchard (For the 10493459345th time) with Lennard. We walked all the way to Tanglin Mall and then back, just to get some respite from ennui. Lol. But it was nice to walk round the rich estates and pretend that we live there. AHEM! Haha. My parents used to always go for showflats and then, I began to like viewing housing projects too.

Anyway, there's a new skincare brand that's going to hit our shores tomorrow and it's... *drum rolls* STEAM CREAM!!! They will be available at BHG's aLT Beauty in the Bugis and Clementi outlets.

Steam Cream is an intensive and effective (Words which we so want to hear in moisturizers!) moisturizer. It uses 'a steam-infused manufacturing process to create a unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion.' The makeup of the moisturizer allows the ingredients (Oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and lavender oil!) to 'break down easily and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.'

Steam Creams come in aluminium tins that are eco-friendly, handy and dressed in designs which are cute, pretty and sophisticated! There is one design for everyone! :D

11 designs have been brought in, of which 6 will be released tomorrow. The other designs will be launched one week after another, based on popularity votes on Steamcream Singapore's Facebook page!

And last but not least,

I hope you can get your hands on one! :DDD

P.S.: My favourite's Kani Lehua! I do like Daisy and the Original (It looks so vintage!) ones too! Heh.

P.P.S.: The Muse has a very detailed entry on Steam Cream! Read all about it here! :D

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