Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOOKBOOK: I've got dragonflies all over me.

It has been quite a while since I last posted a 'Style Book' entry. I have been boring all summer because SG's heat is too much to bear. I just want to wear paper-thin tees (White. I'm always in white. Dark colours absorb radiation.) and shorts wherever I go. I decided to amp things up a little by wearing dressier paper-thin tops.

Here's F21's Foil Dragon Fly Top, $31.

And you can see the pigsty that is the corner of my room. I'll get round to it, before school starts. I hope.

When I saw those glittering gold dragonflies, I knew I had to get the top. I'm no insect-lover but I'm a Sophie Kinsella one. It reminded me of Sadie's dragonfly necklace in 'Twenties Girl'.

And here's me pretending that the sister's heels aren't killing my feet. They are one size too small and I wobble in heels.

And my mirror is dirty. Stained with Hazeline Snow.

Last but not least, I'm featured in the July copy of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide! I went for a Personal Style Consultation with Ms. Teo Ser Lee, founder of Protocol Academy, in early June. And woots! According to measurements, I have an hourglass figure! Heh heh.

But I have grown one size bigger over the hols. Oh well. I think Anna Paquin has the most gorgeous figure on earth, so stick thin isn't pretty to me. I'm just a little sad because I had many pretty XS American Eagles shirts (Some were unopened!!!), which I couldn't wear anymore. GLOOM.

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