Sunday, July 3, 2011

SWATCHES: Bourjois Paris' ASOS Exclusive Limited Edition Vintage Blusher Peach Glow

I bought Bourjois' Blush 32, Amber D'or from ASOS sometime last year. And yes, I got it because it said 'Peach'. Guilty as charged. Heh! (By the way, I'm not into peaches anymore. :\ Am currently into Barbie pink!)

The blusher fits nicely in the palm and is accompanied with a handy dandy mirror and a brush... Which happens to be extremely scratchy.

The brush is small and is curved so that it fits the dome of the blusher. It's the perfect size for the cheeks but gawd... It is incredibly scratchy! The roughness is made even more stark to me when I have been using Canmake's soft-as-the-clouds ones.

Th blusher is literally laced with gold. It is hellishly shimmery, probably the most shimmery blusher that I have ever got. And it is a lot darker than what is shown on ASOS (TSK, ASOS!). It also smells strangely of hawthorn candy, not that I am complaining because I love it. But it's kinda weird for a piece of makeup to smell like that.

It is extremely pigmented, so a light-hand is definitely needed in application (And please, ditch the brush that comes with it and use your own!). The shimmers give a nice glow but when I scrutinize my face up-close, I find that they aren't deposited evenly. But I guess it doesn't really matter... Unless you're particular like me. Heh.

Do I like it on my cheeks? Yes, I do. But if I could turn back time, I wouldn't have bought it because it's way too shimmery for my liking.

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