Friday, August 12, 2011

911: K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Black)

//EDIT The mark is still there, though it is fainter. I think it will go away eventually, though what a scare this has been! Apparently, the Black one is harder to remove than the Super Black one. I'm definitely sticking to Super Black. Just in case you encounter the same thing as me, Chantana said that the Black liner can't be removed with cleansing oil or milk. Instead, use warm water. Lynn suggested soaking a cotton pad with warm water and pressing it over the eye. Thank you so much, sweets! (:

Hey Muffins ):

I'm quite possibly having the biggest scare in my (beauty) life and am really quite upset! ): ): ):

I have always sworn by K-Palette, always. I have gone through 2 of their eyeliners in Super Black. They don't flake, they don't smudge... They carry out their promises perfectly well and I introduce the brand to all my friends (Those who are looking for eyeliners, anyway)!

The pink 'pen' is the one in Super Black. It's waterproof and I have been using it since last December. I was about to throw it out when I realized that I wasn't quite done with it yet, so I passed it on to the sister so that she could 'play' with it. I opened the black 'pen', which is in Black and isn't waterproof (I didn't realize this and when I teared a little, it made a mess of my makeup. ): ), today and gawd!

The bottom line is drawn with the pink 'pen' (Super Black) and it is a dead solid line. The top one is drawn with the black 'pen' (Black) and look at how watery it is! It just bleeds right into the lines of my hand!

It is also incredibly difficult to wash it off completely! The bottom line's gone but the top one is still there. My hand's a little red because I had resorted to scratching it out. The line's still on my hand... And this brings me (And you.) to why I'm so scared right now!

See the black mark on my inner eyelid?!? I can't get rid of it!!! I have probably washed my eye a gazillion times but I. Just. Can't. Remove. It. I would have tried using Olive Oil but I haven't got it. The only oil I have with me now is Rose Hip Oil and it did lighten the mark a little but it's still there. The photos are taken after the Rose Hip Oil. Oh gawd. It's really scaring me quite a bit because the rest of it is gone and it's just that mark there! ): ): ):

I really hope it goes away soon! ): ): ): I still trust K-Palette because I mean, the past 2 worked for me! I probably just got a bad one but ahhh! This is scaring me quite a bit!

Please, pretty please, go away! ): ): ):


  1. I heard from my friend that the 24hr one is really difficult to remove! I hadn't tried it though. I used the brown one and it's quite easy to remove.

  2. vivianism: I use the brown one too! And it is easy to remove! The one in Super Black removes easily too. Just not the Black one, I guess. :\


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