Friday, August 5, 2011

FILM: Breakfast At Tiffany's

People do fall in love. People do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness.

So I ended my 2-month long vacay with 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'. Again, I do find the show a tad long (Old films tend to run close to 2 hours or slightly more, I realized.). I do prefer 'Roman Holiday'. Still, Audrey Hepburn was flawless in her performance. Her portrayal of the eccentric and innocent Holly Golightly was a world different from her Princess Ann in the latter.

George Peppard was okay as Paul Varjak. He wasn't nearly as debonair and swoon-worthy as Gregory Peck was as Joe Bradly in 'RH'. He was more like a back seat passenger while Audrey Hepburn ran the whole show.

Anyway, the last scene when the two leads were kissing romantically in the rain with the cat squished in-between them... I was so afraid the cat would go crazy because it was squished so badly! I know, weird thoughts. But it's just weird to kiss with an animal in-between you two, no?

And oh yes! Audrey Hepburn's 'What you doin'?' sounded a lot like Joey's 'How you doin'?' from 'Friends'. Haha. No?!?

//EDIT Just did a Facebook quiz on which Audrey Hepburn I am (I know, childish.). Guess who?

You are Holly Golightly. You are fun, sexy, and a blast to be around. You are completely messed up and ridiculously naive, but those are only details you push to the side in your passionate romp through life. People may wonder about you, but you can be sure they will love you all the more!

I'm sure that I'm 'completely messed up and ridiculously naïve', but the other bits... Hmm...

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