Thursday, August 4, 2011

FILM: Roman Holiday

Just caught 'Roman Holiday'. I'm a little abashed to say this, but this is my first Audrey Hepburn movie. Though I have searched countless of times for tutorials to achieve her old-school glamour and have read/ heard Blair whine a thousand times about how her life wasn't playing out like Audrey Hepburn's in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' (Is it? I don't save memory space for GG.) in 'Gossip Girl', it has never once occurred to me to watch her movies. But oh well, I finally did and it's better late than never.

I have found my ideal soul mate in the form of Gregory Peck. Quite unfortunately, he has ceased to exist about 8 years ago. OH GLOOM. But anyway, he was dashing and suave as Joe Bradly *swoons*. He was the one who led Princess Ann on an adventure in Rome, under the pretext of being a nice, harmless, selfless gentleman. But underneath the sheep's clothing, he was trying to pry a story out from said princess, who got so stifled by her royal duties that she ran away. But alas, the man fell in love with the lady and vice versa. But (Again.), like their earlier counterparts a.k.a Romeo and Juliet, they couldn't be together. Audrey Hepburn was endearing as the innocent Ann. There is really nothing to dislike about her. Her acting was earnest and sincere.

I find old movies a little too long for my very short attention span, no thanks to being subscribed to a lifetime membership of the Internet Generation. Halfway through, I was googling for Audrey Hepburn's skincare regime (Apparently, she was a big fan of Erno Laszlo and Estée Lauder products. She washed her face with Erno Laszlo Sea-Mud Soap.). However, I do think that the 'old' directors like to tease and inject a little humour so that the film doesn't get too severe.

The last scene, though... Gosh! Joe Bradly was the last to leave the room where Princess Ann held her press conference earlier. The last couple minutes was just him 'walking further away' from her until he disappeared. The dreamer in me was half-wishing that Princess Ann would just run out and grab him and just drown in passionate love.

I am a very sad dreamer.

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