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FOR YOUR 411: Heal those wounds!

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Happy Sunday, Muffins! I have been saying for quite a while that I have been suffering from sleepless nights. Thanks to the drudgery of school, I'm back to sleeping like a baby (School rocks in some way, aye?)! Unfortunately, those sleepless nights have manifested themselves on my face in the form of clogged pores.

I had an extremely stubborn one and me, being Miss Itchy Fingers, had to pick at it and I accidentally tore the skin around it. This happens all the time when I pick at the skin around my inner cheeks, after showers. Showers compound the situation because wet skin tears easily at the slightest bit of pressure. But yeah well... I never learn my lesson.

So yes, I spent the first week of school walking around with a wound/ scab on my right cheek. I couldn't apply any B.B. creams on it because well, initially it was a wound. After that it was a scab and B.B. creams don't sit on scabs well. But anyway, it has healed all nicely now except for a faint red mark that will quite possibly vanish by the end of next week.

Just in case you have fingers like mine, here are 2 products which I use to deal with wounds (Medicine for zits will NOT cut it. Those are meant to kill zits which haven't been touched!).

I came across La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast on pearlicious's blog. She had scratched her skin pretty badly and this magic potion healed it all in a matter of 5 days!

Cicaplast is said to accelerate epidermal repair, healing flaking and chapped skin and skin that has undergone cosmetic peels. It quickens the reconstruction of the skin barrier with

A copper/zinc/manganese mineral complex: Stimulates the production of new cells.
Madecassoside: Encourages proper cell organisation and procures fast, high-quality epidermal repair.
Its insulating texture: Enriched in anti-bacterial agents to protect the skin.

Cicaplast comes out in a white gel that spreads easily into invisibility (HAHA! IT RHYMES!). It leaves a slight waxy feel, but it's definitely nothing that's uncomfy (I ditch all uncomfy-feeling products.). It smells a little of chemicals and cardboard but the smell isn't overpowering and I don't notice it unless I stick my face close to the gel.

I have used this on myself and on the brother. This heals wounds nicely and neatly. It takes slightly under a week to heal a superficial wound. For those who are burdened with angry, red acne scars, this will speed up the healing and get rid of the redness.

Renew Skincare Australia's Rose Hip Oil was what I used for my wound this time round. Certified 100% organic and natural, it's packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients to repair damaged skin cells.

The Rose Hip Oil is housed in a pretty heavy bottle that comes with a dropper. This lowers the risk of contamination from physical contact with the oil.

What I do with this is to dab a little of it onto my wound. I do this only when I'm at home because it leaves a little shine, and I don't want to draw attention to my wound any further. The healing process takes a little longer than Cicaplast, but it gets the job done too.

I have not used this on the brother. It helps tons in the scars department but I'm not so sure if it's any good with acne or troubled skin and I don't want to risk anything.

One last thing to note, when wounds are formed and after all the bleeding has been done, a yellow liquid called plasma seeps out. Okay, I'm not very sure about this because I have returned all my biology knowledge to my teacher. Plasma forms a protective cover over the wound so that it can be healed naturally. But the thing is if you are going to apply anything on top of the plasma, the whole thing turns into a gooey amalgam. And sometimes, a bigger-than-necessary scab forms because the plasma spreads out over a larger area. What I do is that I clean off the plasma first before applying anything, especially when a lot of it is coming out. And I'll clean it off as it comes out so that the scab formed isn't bigger than necessary.

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this plasma thing. I'm talking about real wounds here, when you did more than squeezing out the pus. You hurt your skin. But please note that I'm no dermatologist, scientist or professional. I'm just a kid who likes to observe pores (I sound like a total weirdo. Oh well. Skincare junkie, that's me!). This is what I have noted, this is how I deal with it and I'm just sharing. (:

Do everything with caution and of course, please don't pick anything!

Yeah, Charlene. You hear that?!? Heh.

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