Monday, August 15, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Bits and pieces.

Image from here.

Isn't this just the prettiest art of Marilyn Monroe you have ever seen? I like it that though it's meant to be a pop art, the colours are pale and soft and those cheeks, those gorgeous rosy cheeks! Someone needs to make a blusher out of that red/ coral. Like Cassie Ainsworth says it in Skins, "Oh wow. Lovely.".

I'm feeling a little heat from school since I have decided to take on the mammoth task of completing 22 AUs this semester and it's pretty evident from my face *buries self*. When one problem goes away, out pops another. *buries self again* But okay, with consistent work comes... Less stress. I suppose. I hope?

Anyway, it really annoys me that the lecturers can get their spelling all wrong in their slides. I mean, what on earth is 'Spellcheck' for?!? And the notes are representations of their work, so shouldn't they ensure that the notes look right even though the explanations they tell are a little, no wait, incredibly hard to comprehend (Because of the language barrier.)?

And it also speaks volumes about their characters. I mean, it's something that's going to be shown to tons of people. It isn't for personal keeps.

I spent half the time editing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

I know, I am anal. But seriously.

P.S.: I have gone to school thrice and have gone on retail therapy twice. I can't wait to paint my nails tomorrow with my spankin' new Topshop nail polish. A feeble attempt to incite some excitement into boring school life.

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