Sunday, August 7, 2011

RAMBLINGS: In Search of the Singapore Spirit

Hey! :D I'm kinda bubbling with happiness at the moment! Heh. Back in June, I went for a few auditions and got to do 2 filmings. Heh. The first one is for an Okto programme and the second is for the National Day Celebration Film for 2011, 'In Search of The Singapore Spirit', commissioned by National Heritage Board. (:

'In Search of The Singapore Spirt' is produced by Room G Pte Ltd, with Phillip James Dunn as the director and Gloria Tio-Dunn as the producer. It was great fun working with both the cast and crew! Everyone was incredibly nice (I met 2 other NTU students on set!) and it was wonderful to meet Zachary Mosalle!

Anyway, here are the very beautiful trailer and film! Start watching to find out what the Singapore Spirit is! :DDD

P.S.: I appear for like 2 seconds in the early part of the film. Haha. But it's absolutely fab to be able to 'do something' for Singapore, even if it's minuscule!


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