Thursday, August 18, 2011

NAILS: Topshop's Nails in Moving House

The other day, my cousin, ZT, tweeted a picture of her nails prettily dressed in Topshop's Nails in Duststorm and I wanted that colour so badly! So on Thursday, after a long day of school and with my makeup all melting and tired like me, I headed to town anyway.

And imagine my disappointment when I couldn't find Duststorm! *cries* But two other shades, Mannequin and Moving House caught my eye. Heh. And here are photos of the former!

I own tons of reds. TONS. This, too, is a red. But it isn't my usual shade of red (Bright, blood red.). It's a beautiful terracotta, like fresh bricks straight out from the kiln! It reminds me a lot of a heavily swatched NARS' Dolce Vita.

Topshop's Nails' consistency is markedly different from that of China Glaze's and OPI's. It is more viscous. It doesn't glide on as smooth as CG or OPI but it IS still smooth. Just not as smooth.

I used two coats for the above but really, one coat was sufficient. I just wanted to even things out a little. And nope, it wasn't the least bit streaky.

I'm off to go do some schoolwork now. See you over the weekends! :D


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