Friday, August 5, 2011

WWW: Blogs which chase the gloom away!

I'm feeling a little sore about school so I decided to pull out my favourite blogs to read. Here are my top 3 favourites!

I chanced upon Into The Gloss when I was searching for some reviews and it quickly became one of my much-visited bookmarks. Emily Weiss is the lady behind the awesome photography and well-written articles. Delving into makeup bags and loos, you get to uncover trade secrets of famous figures in the beauty and fashion industry! She also introduces you the latest trend in beauty, makeup and fashion. I love every single inch of this website!

Jess is probably the coolest person on the planet! Her blog, Jess Loves Fred (Fred, short for Frederick Hans Gutenburg, is the name of her camera.), is peppered with tongue-in-cheek statements, which are filled with candor. Her style is to die for and she teaches that one need not be rich to look stylish. Most of her clothes are thrifted. I have dug into archives and have quite possibly read every entry that she has penned. She is THAT awesome.

Last, but definitely not the least, K is for KANI. I found this gem quite recently via the sister. Kani looks like a doll and rocks bangs harder than anyone else. Her style is bold but she always manages to keep it girlie, which I like a lot. Her photos exudes an old-school charm, giving her blog a whimsical and vintage feel. I love!

And golly! I do feel tons happier already! :DDD I'm going to end the night with 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. (:

I hope you're having a fabulous Friday!

Charlene J. Lee

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