Friday, September 30, 2011

RAMBLINGS: This goes way beyond.

I remembered when I first saw this, I stared at it for the longest time. It is quite possibly the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. And the amount of time and effort that photographer Stephen Wilkes put in just to get perfection... It's amazing. I put passion on the pedestal. This is way beyond.

His other photos can be viewed here.

Color my world
Draw on my heart
Take a picture of what you think love looks like
In your imagination
Write on my soul
Everything you know
Use every word you've ever heard
To color my world

I have no idea why YouTube isn't working. But anyway, song of the moment is Westlife's 'Colour My World'.

I'm going back to the '90s because the music stinks so badly nowadays. Save for Allstar Weekend. Zach Porter is insanely cute. *has a fangirl moment*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Recess began on Friday, at 4.30pm. Though, really, my brain shut off the moment I woke up.

I'm brain dead at the moment, having dealt with Markov chains in the afternoon, but 'tis a good day today. (:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

EVENT: Vichy's Spa Water Workshop

At Vichy, we believe in that skin health is the safest, most effective, and most advanced path for achieving true, more visible and sustained beauty.

Back in August, Pearlin invited me to Vichy's Spa Water Workshop. (:

For this workshop, the spotlights were on the Thermal Spa Water and the Aqualia Thermal range.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water originates from a spring in Vichy, which has one of the richest waters in rare minerals in France. The water's 'exceptional richness in 15 minerals' comes from the its journey though magmatic rocks. These minerals

Soothes (Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.)
The water prevents and soothes skin irritations caused by external aggressors such as pollution, climate changes and stress. It relives skin from discomfort, puffiness, redness and itching.

Fortifies (Strengthens and protects skin tissues against ageing.)
The water protects skin against ageing and pollution by reinforcing the skin's anti-oxidant protection and barrier, after exposure to UV rays.

Regenerates (Stimulates cell renewal.)
The water increases skin cells' metabolism and promotes cells' renewal. Skin becomes more radiant, balanced and comfortable.

For the Aqualia Thermal range, it contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water, Aquabioryl and Hyaluronic acid.

Aquabioryl is a new generation of ultra-hydrating ingredient that amplifies comfort and soothing sensations, giving softness and silkiness to the skin, by intensively hydrating 100% of the epidermis.

Hyaluronic Acid, which is no stranger to most of us, penetrates into the skin and locks in water molecules for 24 hours. The protective film created on the skin's surface protects it from external aggressions and acts as a barrier against water loss.

I had no idea that Vichy has lip balms! They are really pricey though. :\ Anyway, I have started using the Aqualia Thermal Mask. The recent burning of midnight oil has left some areas of my face parched like the desert. :\ But this, along with my new skincare regime, has helped to quench my skin's thirst. (: Reviews will be up later. (:

At the event, we were treated to a scrumptious dinner from Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux. I had Egg Mayonnaise (Which was sooo fresh! And the mayonnaise was just the right amount. You know how sometimes the mayo's too much and the whole bread turns soggy and yucky. And then, there are times when the mayo's non-existent and the meal gets so dry. This was just right!) and salad (Yay! Fresh, leafy veggies! :D I have issues with cheese though... :\).

And guess what?!? The Vichy Spa Water can make an awesome mask as well! All you have to do is drench a facial sheet with it and voilà!!! I didn't try it at the event but I have been spraying oh-so-luxurious spa water on my face after baths (I have been doing so for a very long time now, actually.)!

Last but not least, these are the pretties whom I attended the event with! (: (I was looking at Himeko's camera. Ugh... Spoilt the photo!) I love how easily beauty bloggers click the moment we go "Hey! Do you know about ___(insert beauty product)___?". :D

Thanks for Pearlin and Vichy for the invitation and as always, thank YOU for reading! Have a fab Sunday! (:

P.S.: Inspiration for this post came from The Notebook Doodles. (:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RAMBLINGS: School rocks in really strange ways.

I don't mind being alone. But I don't want to be alone AND be thinking/ missing someone, who's __________.

History must not repeat itself.

How did I ever get myself in such a situation again?!? *smacks head* Prudence, Char. PRUDENCE.

Things would be so much simpler if we were just primary school kids. BIG SIGH.

With that said, gahhhhhhhh!!! I'm so laden with work that I'm positive my hair's gonna all drop out by the end of the semester. Yet, at the same time, I'm happy about it because it leaves me absolutely no time to entertain stupid thoughts.

School. Awesome much, aye? :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ATM: What's happening?!?

Hey Muffins!

I'm so terribly sorry that I have been absent online. I'm so swamped with school work, it's insane. But oh wells. I'm left with half a semester so yay! :DDD

Haha. Yes, I started my countdown from week 1! Heh.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of the new additions in my beauty life! *bursts into a fit of giggles*

In a quest to find a foundation that doesn't just cover but takes care of my flaws as well, I took the plunge and bought the Bare Minerals Get Started Complexion kit. This cost me a whopping $100 but I really wanted to explore mineral makeup. Unfortunately, this didn't treat me too nicely. I'm not sure if it's because I have been dealing with late nights but I'll play with it more before I pass my verdict.

I have been going gaga over Vichy products! Vichy's Aera Mineral BB and Norma Teint had been on my 'wanted' (Lol!) list for the longest time. But they are so pricey!!! *sniffs* The former costs $49 at Watsons and the latter, $39. If I remember them right. And these little darlings are what I have been playing with!!! *beams*

So far, I'm absolutely loving the Aera Mineral BB, though I think the colour is a tad too light. But it sure belongs with my Missha and Holika Holika B.B. creams (Though I have been shying away from them, in a bid to be better to my skin. Apparently, B.B. creams clog pores. :\ They haven't been giving me any problems but I want to be on the safe side. I am still using them though. Just less often.). No, wait. In fact, it is even better! Since it's hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging and free of fragrance and paraben!

As for the Norma Teint, I got mine in 03 Ivory. There are 4 shades available in Singapore and only 01 has pink undertones. I found mine a little too yellow for me, but 01 was way too light. The oil control isn't very existent to me. At the end of the day, I'm still left with a shiny face. It's a little disappointing but I like how it goes on smooth and matte. But this is achievable with the Aera Mineral BB. But but (Heh. I really need to do something about my English.) I like it that this will help treat imperfections.

Okay, I just checked the ingredients list. If you're trying to decide which to get, I say the Aera Mineral BB. The Norma Teint contains parabens and fragrance! :\

Steam cream!!! Say hello to Afternoon! Recently, more designs were released and there are MORE coming! Have you seen the Disney-themed ones?!? Click here!!! I love, love, love the Mickey, Winnie and Alice ones!!! Gahhhhhhh! They are like Pokémon and you HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to catch them all. Haha! XD

Lancôme's Génifique and Visionnaire came in the mail yesterday! *squeals* These are gifts from the Lancôme's Visionnaire Launch Party. Thanks Kristen Juliet for everything again! Lots of love. (:

Last, but not least, Laneíge's Essential Care Trial Set (Light)! *giggles* I know! So many goodies! They are definitely keeping my happiness index up! I use the Pore Clear Wash Off Pack sporadically and I like it quite a bit. So when I was asked if I wanted to review this, I sure as hell did not hesitate! I started using it last night, and just like the Vichy's Normaderm entry, I will be keeping a 'diary' as well. (:

Alrighty, that's it from me for now! I have got a midterm coming up so wish me luck!

Have a fab weekend, Muffins! :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

RAMBLINGS: What's your favourite colour?

I'm so knee-deep in a mountain of undone work it's insane. But I like what I'm studying because they don't really deal much with logic. Not much anyway. Haha. Logic and me, nuh uh. Enemies for life. Haha.

I love heartfelt conversations with friends. I think such conversations are the way to truly understand someone. You get a peek into their innermost thoughts, you get to listen to stuff they won't say unless asked.

I like to ask people what their favourite colour is. Remember how we used to ask this ALL the time in primary school?!? And in all those autograph books, colour was one thing we NEVER missed out (As well as gold friends, silver friends, bronze friends... Lol!). No one ask it any more. But I think it's crucial to know. Say for instance, you want to pick a gift, or write a card etc.

But but... I can't always remember who likes what colours.

I like green by the way. And I like the rest too. Haha. But green was 'my' colour, before I ventured into others. It used to be brown because teddy bears were brown. And I like teddy bears. Then, I decided that 'brown' was too sad a colour.

Abbey Karson is one of my favourite online personalities.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SPOTTED: Win a 16GB iPad with Vichy Spa Water!

Hey Muffins!

Way back in August, I attended the Vichy Spa Water Workshop. I haven't have the time to blog about it yet. I'm so sorry! But just to let you know you stand a chance to win the ever-desirable iPad 2 with just a video on how you use Vichy Spa Water! All the best! :DDD


Sunday, September 11, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Cinderella much, aye?

Amidst the many trips to Facebook and Twitter, I'm finally done with Chapter 4 of Stochastic Processes. Now all I am left with is Chapter 5... And the other modules. Still, I'm pretty chill about it (Which is precisely why I am here and not scrambling to choke myself to death with absorbing and hitting theories... Which hold no meaning to me right now until midnight, I suppose.). Haha. It's probably because this is a big improvement from last semester, when all I did in the first 6 weeks of school was to keep up with my dramas. *pats self*

Or it could be because very recently, I was enveloped by a small pink bubble of quick glances, wide smiles and biting of lips. And I'm still in it.

Please don't pop.

If I could, I would love to be a barista. Starbucks, of course. I pull the perfect shots all day and make perfect foam. The shots flow like honey, the foam fluffy with sweetness and I work the machines like how the gracious gentlemen do in Italy. I talk to customers and live vicariously through them.

When it hits 5, I hang up my green apron, play Lena's 'Touch A New Day' over and over and do crossword puzzles on the sub. I steam chicken and throw in lettuce, red, yellow, green capsicums and sweet Thai mango into a wooden bowl and dust them all with black pepper and have a cold shower. Sometimes, I will make Chinese soups. Lotus root soup, yum.

I watch the news, I read, I draw, I doodle, I write, I sing, I dance, I paint my nails and then, take them right off because you can't have your nails all dressed up in a F&B industry. Then, I head to my room that's infused with rich lavender oil and occupied by a huge-ass bed that's soft like pureed clouds.

I clean the apartment every other night.

It's too bad that I love money so much. But I suppose I would be bored to death too.

And it's back to the books for me. But first, enjoy. (:


EDIT// Okay, my happiness bubble has been popped. I have a midterm next week! I thought it was taking place after recess. Oh, woe!


'On that day - the September 11 that requires no year - the sun set on crushed buildings in a reimagined world. It set on a recontoured skyline and a haunted city. The equations of life no longer worked. That's the way it seemed.'

- By N.R. Kleinfield, Adjusting to the New Normal Post-September 11 for The New York Times

LOOKBOOK: The Velvet Dolls' Skittles Contrast Trim Skirt in Capsicum Green

Recently, I was bitten by the blogshop bug and bascially, that's where my MU money has been diverted to (Though I did 'invest' some into foundations. More about that later.). I think Fel's relentless 'promotion' of blogshops' clothes' better quality has finally got to me.

The Velvet Dolls's Skittles Contrast Trim Skirt in Capsicum Green marked my first purchase after a really long while. Green is a colour that I cannot resist. Furthermore, it resembled Kate Spade's signature green, albeit a little darker. But oh yes, it definitely reminded me of TKGS' pinafore and the Starbucks green apron! :DDD

(As usual, please excuse my Hazeline Snow-stained mirror. Heh.)

The colour's a pretty forest green, like a capsicum!

The skirt's material is indeed of good quality. It isn't the least bit thin or shabby and it comes with an inner lining.

However, the material that lines the pockets and covers the button is a different story. The slightest bit of stress is going to alter its surface. :\ I think ladies with long fingernails need to be really careful about it.

Nevertheless, it is a pretty piece to have. (: My cousin thought the skirt was from Zara. Haha. I have since made another order of it (Yes, another piece!) and one in Mango Tango.

What I had on my face:

Vichy's Norma Teint in 03 Ivory
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon (Upper lid.) and Mildew (Lower lid.)
NARS' Blush in Deep Throat

And yes, okay. I'm off to clean my mirror! I have no idea how Hazeline Snow ends up all over it. Heh. :\

Friday, September 9, 2011

NAILS: Essie's Limited Addiction

This is my first Essie nail polish (Well, this and another one.)! *jumps around* I saw Limited Edition on Michelle's blog entry (Read it here.) and I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!

My friend, Dor, was in Hong Kong so I asked her to get it for me. Heh. The one colour which I desperately (Yes, desperately.) want from Essie is Fishnet Stockings but it was out of stock. But oh wells. Until I get my little greedy hands on it, I have plenty of red nail polishes to last me till then. *guilty smile*

REVIEW: Bioré's Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Bioré has always been high on my list of favourite drugstore brands. Having used their cleansers before and finding them oh-so-moisturizing, of course I was intrigued when I saw the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash. And I was lucky to have The Sample Store sent me a bottle last month!

When we are cleansing our face, we can get a tad too rough. This creates stress and increases the chances of us getting pre-mature wrinkles and skin that lacks bounciness. Apparently, one of the Japanese ladies' habits is to foam up their cleansers. In this way, the smooth, dense (When you flip the foam upside down, it doesn't drip!) and bouncy foam reduces the unnecessary stress and it cleans better too, with finer bubbles!

And the perfect foam is what Bioré's Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash seeks to provide! This little 'marshmallow' contains collagen to up the moisturizing level of our skin! Ultra-fine, the little bubbles in the foam are smaller than our pores and so cleans our face better. (:

I have been using this for close to two weeks now, so what does my skin say?

Just like what Bioré promises, the foam's dense and isn't the least bit drippy. It smells like the other Bioré cleansers which I have used, clean and pleasant. The bottles advices 1-2 pumps, but just one pump's more than enough to cover my entire face.

What I do is that I pump the foam and just use it on my face directly! There's no need for any sort of lathering because it's all foamed up already!

The facial wash doesn't leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Instead, the skin feels soft and moisturized, just like what it says it will do. I think it makes a perfect cleanser for those who have got okay skin (Meaning not troubled, with occasional breakouts.) and just want a simple cleanser. (:

The bottle houses 150 pumps and is available at major supermarkets and medical stores at a pocket-friendly price of $13.90. (:

To bounce things up a little, Bioré has the Marshallow Whip game! You stand a chance to win H&M vouchers (Oh, H&M!) and of course, Bioré's products!

The game's really fun and simple!

Click as many Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash's icons as you can, within 30 seconds! But do note that things speed up real quick. :\

After that, there are questions on the facial wash that will garner you bonus points!

And yes, those are my pathetic scores. Haha. I'm going to jet off now to have another go at the game. (:

TGIF, Muffins! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Her heart won't be on her sleeves any more. 'Cause that's the way humanity wants it.

I take the longest time to open up to people but I have always believed that friendship ought to be built on honesty. And that means being very raw to the other party. I tried to open up to someone who wasn't very close and I think, in the end, I came across as bitchy.

But I was just voicing out what I felt and I can't help the way I feel. So then, how does the definition of bitchiness go?

I have always thought bitchy meant spreading malicious stuff about others. But what I was doing was 'confiding'. Or so I thought.

Girls seem to get it perfectly fine.

Times like this, I'm really glad for Lennard. Who says a friendship between a guy and a girl verges on impossibility? It isn't. It's only because people think too much.

When I'm upset and go all monosyllabic on my words, he won't take any offence. When I whine, pick and complain about everything under the sun, he knows that I just need an avenue to release some feelings. When I'm sarcastic, he laughs it off and joins in the fun. When I'm happy and go a little tipsy with my words, he just calls me crazy and tells me about his stuff. When he annoys me and I tell it straight to the face (Happened only like... A gazillion times?), he takes it in his stride and notes whatever crap that he's doing that is driving me up the wall.

He's probably the only guy friend I'm ever going to have for the rest of my life. (And Lennard, for pete's sake, the negativity of this statement is aimed at me. Not you. Doofus.)


I think I lost a friend this week. I have to blame the fact that I'm highly particular, anal and quite objectively, pretty impossible.

Tuesday taught me to give humanity what humanity wants.

On a musical note, I have gone back to whiny, pathetic love songs. Enjoy.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RAMBLINGS: As what one canoeist told me 'Press on!'.

It is only when we apply the highest standards to ourselves that we reach our zenith. My JC Physics teacher gave us each a quote before the exams. Mine read something like 'Aim for the stars. You may not get them but you won't come up with a handful of mud either.'. It may sound corny but I completely subscribe to it.

Life is a never-ending cycle of hard work, be it mentally or physically. It's how we deal with these challenges that shapes us into the persons that we are.

And it also shows how much we treasure our lives and those around us.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

RAMBLINGS: There's a grey cloud over my head.

I'm trying not to let negativity cloud my entire being. But it's proving to be quite a mountain to surmount.

I guess I just need some sleep.

Today, I learnt that my anger abates so quickly because of my fear of loved ones dying.

And school has turned from crappy to skin-crawling. But that's another story for a chirpier mental weather.

Friday, September 2, 2011

REVIEW: Steam Cream

Steam Cream hit our shores back in July to much fanfare. Fans of their Facebook page had a say in the designs launched each week. How cool is that?!? I totally like it when a brand lets customers make decisions! And guess what?!? 9 new designs (Click here!) were launched this weekend! My favourite has got to be Afternoon!

With a tagline that goes 'Simple Quality Skincare', it's difficult not to be tempted by it. It most certainly does not help that the Steam Cream is housed in the prettiest, cutest and trendiest tins! I daresay there's one for every personality out there.

But superficialness aside, what is Steam Cream really all about?

Steam Cream is touted to represent the latest concept in skincare. Long-lasting, intensive and effective, it's a multi-tasking moisturizer! Slather it on your face, body and hands and feel how natural and revitalizing it is!

Steam Cream is birthed from a unique Steam process. This process blends fresh, natural and traceable vegan ingredients for a deeper-reaching all-in-one cream.

It breaks down immediately upon contact with the skin, dispersing ingredients like

Orange flower water
Organic jojoba and lavender oils
Cocoa butter

directly to where they are needed instantly. To find out more about how the steam process works, click here (It's pretty technical so I'm going to skip it. The review's more important, aye?).

Ariel from Japalang sent me a tin of Kani Lehua back in July. Thanks Ariel! :D

The light 75g gorgeous tin fits nicely in my palm and is, as they say, handy dandy! The lid twists easily to reveal the goodness within.

However, I'm not really liking the fact that I have to stick my fingers into the product, as it risks contamination. When I'm out and I want to use it, I have to find a loo first so that I can wash my hands. I have since taken to bringing out baby wipes with me (For other purposes as well. Say when I'm swatching makeup products, or when you touch something sticky, etc.) so it isn't much of a problem now. But still, I wish there was a convenient way to deal with this. :\

Anyway, once you are done with the Steam Cream, this tin can be used to hold candles, accessories, earphones... Quite possibly anything (That's small, of course! Heh.)!

When the lid's taken off, the scent of essential oils hits you immediately and man, it's so relaxing! To me, it doesn't just function as a moisturizer. It's pretty therapeutic as well!

The moisturizer's soft and light. I imagine this is what puréed clouds will feel like! It is quickly absorbed into the skin. There is an initial slight waxy feel but it goes away after a while. :D

I have used this on both my face and body. Due to SG's frighteningly warm and humid weather, I think that the moisturizer is a tad too heavy for the face. It's perfect for those with dry skin but for those who oil up real quick, like me, I would suggest using this only for the body. Applied on the body, it leaves skin feeling baby smooth! Even after a couple of baths, my skin was still beautifully moisturized. :D

Steam Cream's currently retailing for $25.90, which I do find a tad costly for a moisturizer. :\ But it's more effective than most commercial moisturizers and for me, the key thing is that they contain essential oils. Having attended an essential oils workshop and been educated about the benefits of something so natural and potent, I do embrace products which drown themselves in (essential oils). I will be repurchasing it again (Actually, I will be making an order once I'm done with this post. Hee!). :D

Steam Cream is available at BHG outlets in Bugis and Clementi and Beauty Carousel. From now till September 8th, 2 tins of Steam Cream entitles you to a voucher for a free scoop of ice-cream at Cold Stone Creamery!
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