Sunday, September 11, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Cinderella much, aye?

Amidst the many trips to Facebook and Twitter, I'm finally done with Chapter 4 of Stochastic Processes. Now all I am left with is Chapter 5... And the other modules. Still, I'm pretty chill about it (Which is precisely why I am here and not scrambling to choke myself to death with absorbing and hitting theories... Which hold no meaning to me right now until midnight, I suppose.). Haha. It's probably because this is a big improvement from last semester, when all I did in the first 6 weeks of school was to keep up with my dramas. *pats self*

Or it could be because very recently, I was enveloped by a small pink bubble of quick glances, wide smiles and biting of lips. And I'm still in it.

Please don't pop.

If I could, I would love to be a barista. Starbucks, of course. I pull the perfect shots all day and make perfect foam. The shots flow like honey, the foam fluffy with sweetness and I work the machines like how the gracious gentlemen do in Italy. I talk to customers and live vicariously through them.

When it hits 5, I hang up my green apron, play Lena's 'Touch A New Day' over and over and do crossword puzzles on the sub. I steam chicken and throw in lettuce, red, yellow, green capsicums and sweet Thai mango into a wooden bowl and dust them all with black pepper and have a cold shower. Sometimes, I will make Chinese soups. Lotus root soup, yum.

I watch the news, I read, I draw, I doodle, I write, I sing, I dance, I paint my nails and then, take them right off because you can't have your nails all dressed up in a F&B industry. Then, I head to my room that's infused with rich lavender oil and occupied by a huge-ass bed that's soft like pureed clouds.

I clean the apartment every other night.

It's too bad that I love money so much. But I suppose I would be bored to death too.

And it's back to the books for me. But first, enjoy. (:


EDIT// Okay, my happiness bubble has been popped. I have a midterm next week! I thought it was taking place after recess. Oh, woe!

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