Thursday, September 8, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Her heart won't be on her sleeves any more. 'Cause that's the way humanity wants it.

I take the longest time to open up to people but I have always believed that friendship ought to be built on honesty. And that means being very raw to the other party. I tried to open up to someone who wasn't very close and I think, in the end, I came across as bitchy.

But I was just voicing out what I felt and I can't help the way I feel. So then, how does the definition of bitchiness go?

I have always thought bitchy meant spreading malicious stuff about others. But what I was doing was 'confiding'. Or so I thought.

Girls seem to get it perfectly fine.

Times like this, I'm really glad for Lennard. Who says a friendship between a guy and a girl verges on impossibility? It isn't. It's only because people think too much.

When I'm upset and go all monosyllabic on my words, he won't take any offence. When I whine, pick and complain about everything under the sun, he knows that I just need an avenue to release some feelings. When I'm sarcastic, he laughs it off and joins in the fun. When I'm happy and go a little tipsy with my words, he just calls me crazy and tells me about his stuff. When he annoys me and I tell it straight to the face (Happened only like... A gazillion times?), he takes it in his stride and notes whatever crap that he's doing that is driving me up the wall.

He's probably the only guy friend I'm ever going to have for the rest of my life. (And Lennard, for pete's sake, the negativity of this statement is aimed at me. Not you. Doofus.)


I think I lost a friend this week. I have to blame the fact that I'm highly particular, anal and quite objectively, pretty impossible.

Tuesday taught me to give humanity what humanity wants.

On a musical note, I have gone back to whiny, pathetic love songs. Enjoy.


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