Friday, September 16, 2011

RAMBLINGS: What's your favourite colour?

I'm so knee-deep in a mountain of undone work it's insane. But I like what I'm studying because they don't really deal much with logic. Not much anyway. Haha. Logic and me, nuh uh. Enemies for life. Haha.

I love heartfelt conversations with friends. I think such conversations are the way to truly understand someone. You get a peek into their innermost thoughts, you get to listen to stuff they won't say unless asked.

I like to ask people what their favourite colour is. Remember how we used to ask this ALL the time in primary school?!? And in all those autograph books, colour was one thing we NEVER missed out (As well as gold friends, silver friends, bronze friends... Lol!). No one ask it any more. But I think it's crucial to know. Say for instance, you want to pick a gift, or write a card etc.

But but... I can't always remember who likes what colours.

I like green by the way. And I like the rest too. Haha. But green was 'my' colour, before I ventured into others. It used to be brown because teddy bears were brown. And I like teddy bears. Then, I decided that 'brown' was too sad a colour.

Abbey Karson is one of my favourite online personalities.

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