Friday, September 2, 2011

REVIEW: Steam Cream

Steam Cream hit our shores back in July to much fanfare. Fans of their Facebook page had a say in the designs launched each week. How cool is that?!? I totally like it when a brand lets customers make decisions! And guess what?!? 9 new designs (Click here!) were launched this weekend! My favourite has got to be Afternoon!

With a tagline that goes 'Simple Quality Skincare', it's difficult not to be tempted by it. It most certainly does not help that the Steam Cream is housed in the prettiest, cutest and trendiest tins! I daresay there's one for every personality out there.

But superficialness aside, what is Steam Cream really all about?

Steam Cream is touted to represent the latest concept in skincare. Long-lasting, intensive and effective, it's a multi-tasking moisturizer! Slather it on your face, body and hands and feel how natural and revitalizing it is!

Steam Cream is birthed from a unique Steam process. This process blends fresh, natural and traceable vegan ingredients for a deeper-reaching all-in-one cream.

It breaks down immediately upon contact with the skin, dispersing ingredients like

Orange flower water
Organic jojoba and lavender oils
Cocoa butter

directly to where they are needed instantly. To find out more about how the steam process works, click here (It's pretty technical so I'm going to skip it. The review's more important, aye?).

Ariel from Japalang sent me a tin of Kani Lehua back in July. Thanks Ariel! :D

The light 75g gorgeous tin fits nicely in my palm and is, as they say, handy dandy! The lid twists easily to reveal the goodness within.

However, I'm not really liking the fact that I have to stick my fingers into the product, as it risks contamination. When I'm out and I want to use it, I have to find a loo first so that I can wash my hands. I have since taken to bringing out baby wipes with me (For other purposes as well. Say when I'm swatching makeup products, or when you touch something sticky, etc.) so it isn't much of a problem now. But still, I wish there was a convenient way to deal with this. :\

Anyway, once you are done with the Steam Cream, this tin can be used to hold candles, accessories, earphones... Quite possibly anything (That's small, of course! Heh.)!

When the lid's taken off, the scent of essential oils hits you immediately and man, it's so relaxing! To me, it doesn't just function as a moisturizer. It's pretty therapeutic as well!

The moisturizer's soft and light. I imagine this is what puréed clouds will feel like! It is quickly absorbed into the skin. There is an initial slight waxy feel but it goes away after a while. :D

I have used this on both my face and body. Due to SG's frighteningly warm and humid weather, I think that the moisturizer is a tad too heavy for the face. It's perfect for those with dry skin but for those who oil up real quick, like me, I would suggest using this only for the body. Applied on the body, it leaves skin feeling baby smooth! Even after a couple of baths, my skin was still beautifully moisturized. :D

Steam Cream's currently retailing for $25.90, which I do find a tad costly for a moisturizer. :\ But it's more effective than most commercial moisturizers and for me, the key thing is that they contain essential oils. Having attended an essential oils workshop and been educated about the benefits of something so natural and potent, I do embrace products which drown themselves in (essential oils). I will be repurchasing it again (Actually, I will be making an order once I'm done with this post. Hee!). :D

Steam Cream is available at BHG outlets in Bugis and Clementi and Beauty Carousel. From now till September 8th, 2 tins of Steam Cream entitles you to a voucher for a free scoop of ice-cream at Cold Stone Creamery!

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