Sunday, September 11, 2011

LOOKBOOK: The Velvet Dolls' Skittles Contrast Trim Skirt in Capsicum Green

Recently, I was bitten by the blogshop bug and bascially, that's where my MU money has been diverted to (Though I did 'invest' some into foundations. More about that later.). I think Fel's relentless 'promotion' of blogshops' clothes' better quality has finally got to me.

The Velvet Dolls's Skittles Contrast Trim Skirt in Capsicum Green marked my first purchase after a really long while. Green is a colour that I cannot resist. Furthermore, it resembled Kate Spade's signature green, albeit a little darker. But oh yes, it definitely reminded me of TKGS' pinafore and the Starbucks green apron! :DDD

(As usual, please excuse my Hazeline Snow-stained mirror. Heh.)

The colour's a pretty forest green, like a capsicum!

The skirt's material is indeed of good quality. It isn't the least bit thin or shabby and it comes with an inner lining.

However, the material that lines the pockets and covers the button is a different story. The slightest bit of stress is going to alter its surface. :\ I think ladies with long fingernails need to be really careful about it.

Nevertheless, it is a pretty piece to have. (: My cousin thought the skirt was from Zara. Haha. I have since made another order of it (Yes, another piece!) and one in Mango Tango.

What I had on my face:

Vichy's Norma Teint in 03 Ivory
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon (Upper lid.) and Mildew (Lower lid.)
NARS' Blush in Deep Throat

And yes, okay. I'm off to clean my mirror! I have no idea how Hazeline Snow ends up all over it. Heh. :\

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