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EVENT: Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose Blogger Event

Last Thursday, I was invited to Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose Blogger Event and even though I was swamped with work, I HAD to make time for it because I mean, hey! It's Lancôme! The name says it all! Heh.

Thanks Jeth for the invitation! You totally made my day! (:

Lancôme was founded in 1935 in France, the country of love, by Armand Petitjean. Petitjean's goal was to create a beauty brand that would deliver the much-coveted France elegance around the world. The name 'Lancôme' came from the ruins of the castle, Le Château de Lancosme, and the company's symbol of a single golden rose was inspired by the roses that the castle laid in.

To my surprise, Lancôme actually started out with fragrances; Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques! I have always thought it was makeup!

Anyway, let's go drown ourselves in the luxury of Trésor Midnight Rose, the latest scent to join the Trésor family! (:

'Charming. Mischevious. Desirable. A sexy-sweet blend of raspberry, rose, vanilla and sensual musk for mischevious femininity: Catch my heart if you can!'

Trésor Midnight Rose tells of a love story that's birthed from a chance encounter. It's about spontaneous love, happening at the stroke of twelve when magic is said to happen!

The very gorgeous and talented Emma Watson, touted as the icon of a generation, fronts the campaign for Trésor Midnight Rose. Though she's English, she was born in Paris and lived there until the age of 5. Intelligent, sophisticated and completely self-assured, Watson is born to be a Lancôme ambassadress!

The Trésor Midnight Rose story (Click here to watch it.) was filmed in natural settings (Termed as the French New Wave tones.) by Mario Testino. Watson reminded Testino of Jean Seberg, who acted in Jean-Luc Godard's 'Breathless'. I studied 'Breathless' two semesters ago for a film class so it was really interesting to read Trésor Midnight Rose's film journal, so I thought I mention a little about it. (:

Trésor Midnight Rose is bathed in a gorgeous gradation of powdery pink to deep purple. In France, just before midnight, the sky is said to be tinted by a magical violet hue. A satiny purple rose sits at the bottle's neck and can be removed to act as a scented ring. (:

Top Notes: Raspberry, Black currant bud absolute
Middle Notes: Rose absolute, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk

I have been wearing this scent for the past few days. Initially, I thought it was a little too strong for the day but gosh! I'm so utterly and completely in love with it that I am totally disregarding my 'rules' for wearing perfumes!

To me, Trésor Midnight Rose is sweet, flirty and feminine but at the same time, it isn't overpowering. I still think that it's a little too strong for the day (Trésor in Love will make a 'better' day choice.) but as gushed earlier, I'm way too infatuated to care about anything else! *starts throwing roses everywhere* Haha!

And just a little about the other Trésor fragrances...

The world Trésor began in 1990. It's a fragrance of treasured moments and eternal love, backed with femininity and intense emotions. The black ring around the neck of Trésor is a ring of love and commitment (Oh gosh! It's so friggin' romantic!!!). I think this scent suits mature ladies perfectly. It's a little on the heavy side for me.

Top Notes: Apricot Blossom, Rose
Heart Notes: Lilac, Iris, Peach
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Trésor in Love comes next and it sits in-between the aforementioned scents. It's all about sweetness, intensity and again, chance encounters (Oh gosh! When's my chance encounter?!? Heh!). This has a black rose sitting round the bottle's neck and is a scented ring as well. Trésor in Love is softer than Trésor and Trésor Midnight Rose and makes a perfect day scent (This is going on my Christmas wishlist!).

Top Notes: Nectarine accord, Pear, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose Essence, Jasmine
Base Notes: Cedar wood, Musk

This is how the scented ring looks like! Très élégant!

After drowning ourselves in the rich history of Lancôme's Trésor fragrances, we were treated to a scrumptious dinner at Group Therapy Coffee Café (49 Duxton Road, #02-01). The place isn't too far from Tanjong Pagar station and it's a cozy place for girlfriends to hang out!

Here's pretty Juliet, who was one of my dates for the night! The other date's Sam, but I haven't got a photo of her! (Sam, why didn't I snap a photo of you?!?)

And just a little heads up... Look at what Lancôme has in store for you for the launch of Trésor Midnight Rose this Friday! (Click on the poster!)

Trésor Midnight Rose comes in 50ml ($100) and 75ml ($130) bottles and will be available at all Lancôme beauty counters from November 1st onwards.

Thank you Lancôme, Jeth and Group Therapy for the wonderful Thursday night! Thousands of thank you's and hugs to my darling Juliet and Sam for the wonderful company! And of course, thank YOU for reading! (:

P.S.: Outfit for the day! A black lace dress from Sugarhill Boutique! (:


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