Friday, October 7, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Higher Math is beyond me.

I'm waving the white flag where my stupid degree is concerned. Stochastic Processes, I do NOT get you. Linear Regression, you're just a bunch of meaningless symbols to me. Friends like to bring up my past laurels and go on and on about them. Well, hello there. I failed said modules.

I didn't even fail Linear Algebra. Gawd.

Either my brain is regressing or Math hates me. But gawd. When you have answers like "Oh. It's based on intuition.", "Ummm... It's logic!" and "Aiyah! It's just like that." to your why's... I just want to throw myself out of the window.

What on earth is 'intuition'?!?

And the fact that my friends get the concepts so easily... Oh gawd. I AM regressing.

But until I leave the darn school, I will not give up.

One more thing... It's amazing how cheating is perfectly acceptable in university. It's even more amazing that at such a grand old age, you guys are cheating. And it's most amazing that you guys are letting OTHERS know that you cheat.

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