Sunday, October 23, 2011

RAMBLINGS: A masquerade of sorts.

Tons of things have been happening lately that I'm finding it difficult to breathe. But as each item gets marked off my laundry list of ten million things, my lungs find a little more oxygen. But what I really want to do right this minute is to drown myself in movies. Lots and lots of them. Alone.

The more I think about it, the more I am certain it's 'just friends'. I marvel at my inability to 'love' like I did when I was 17. I have always thought that one should fall passionately in love, with the key word being 'passionately'. But lately, I have been wondering that perhaps, as we mature, we can't fall 'passionately in love' because it doesn't exist at all. We just find someone whom we are comfortable with, there are no walls in-between and you think 'Hey. I think I can live the rest of my life with this person.'.

No. It should be 'I want.' and not 'I can.'. I guess I'm nowhere near that stage.

Haha. Perhaps I have watched way too many dramas that my definition of 'love' has been warped till it's no longer human. Haha. Aye, it's a possibility!

I just prefer being friends, really. But know that I'm grateful, thankful and feel really blessed.

Emo-ness aside, HOLA!!! It's just one more month till the finals and then, TADAHHH! It's the hols! And this time round, I get to enjoy Christmas, from the build-up to the end. I feel like Christmas didn't happen last year because my examinations ended less than a week before Christmas. Sheesh. Christmas includes the build-up! It would be totally awesome if there were snow and fireplaces and hot cocoa with marshmallows but this is Singapore (Though, really. I think it's China.), so I will make do with my toffee nut and peppermint Starbucks drinks, ICED! Tee hee!!! I really can't wait!

I want to take little Nigel out. Show him that there's more to the world than silly games (I do NOT believe in games. You are locked up in that little virtual world and that's it. They are so incredibly stupid to me.). I think he will be bored stiff though. Haha.

And there are awesome friends to hang out with. I want to cook ONE meal, just ONE! And not burn the kitchen down. I still have my uncooked pasta and pasta sauce from the summer hols. I want to learn how to make tiramisu cakes, play with more makeup, learn more about the brands (Their histories, philosophies...), I want to visit the Supreme Court (I couldn't enter it the last time because I was in shorts.), I want to visit museums, I want to walk down Clark Quay in the late evening and feel the cold air and just think about nothing...

GAHHH! I'm drooling already! HOLIDAYS, come already!!!

OH YES! Another thing. My fairy godmother must have flicked her wand because I did not fail the two midterms which I thought I did!!! *jumps up and down*

The lecturer marked real leniently for Stochastic Process and I do mean 'real leniently'. As for Linear Regression, beta was supposed to be negative! Though technically, it should be positive. I think the lecturer set the question wrongly.

It doesn't make sense at all but TEE HEE!!!

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  1. How true, in reference to your musing of loving passionately, it's hardly possible in this time and age. Especially when weariness sets in after each experience, friendship is so much more valuable. Head-over-heels in love is quite over-rated, being comfortable with a partner whose both a best friend and a spouse is so much more pragmatic :)


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