Friday, October 7, 2011

SPOTTED: Steam Cream's Joy of Giving Contest (Part 2)

Hey Muffins and TGIF!!! The past 2 weeks have been spent mugging for the midterms, which ended really badly. But oh wells. There'a a whole string of assignments and group projects to tackle now so got to look forward! I'm terribly sorry that I have been absent for so long. :\ Thanks so much for sticking around! (:

Steam Cream is currently holding a Joy of Giving Contest (Part 2)! All that you have to do is to purchase a tin of Steam Cream and mail them the original receipt and contest form to participate in the contest! Till November 28th, 3 tins of the Disney-themed Steam Cream will be given away every!

A grand draw will be held on December 2nd, where all the 9 different (And I have to add, gorgeous!!!) designs will be given away! And take note, these tins of Disney-themed Steam Cream aren't for sale! Eeps!!!

So head on over to Watsons, BHG, Nishino Pharmacy or Unity now!

For more details, check out their Facebook page here!
For a list of outlets that carry Steam Cream, click here!

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