Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ATM: My Exam Kit!

//EDIT Maybelline's Pure BB Mineral Mousse fails on dry skin. I'll be blogging about it next week!

I'm down to my last paper and as Magnitude from 'Community' will say 'Pop! Pop!'! Anyway, here's a really quick entry on my 'little' (Okay. So NOT little! Heh.) exam kit!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This little potion is something which I have just started using. Two nights ago, in fact. But gosh! When Sam and JH claimed that this product's awesome, they sure as hell meant it! I daresay it's the best serum I have used to date. Just two drops of magic and you wake up to skin that's plump, moisturized and visibly more even-toned skin. My skin was all kinds of bad, no thanks to the ongoing examinations. It was dull and I had some serious PIH going on on my face because I broke out about two weeks back. But just 6 drops of this and my skin's en route to a speedy recovery! It is very pricey though ($90)... But this is definitely taking permanent residence in my loo!

Vichy's Normaderm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate
I used this pretty liberally on my breakouts. Okay, I don't know about you but this is what I have noticed from my 10 years and counting of experience with acne medications; there are some medications that quicken the ripening of the zit (Which means you see the yucky pus.) and there are those that just eliminates the zit (Without the whole ripening process.). This belongs to the former camp. All my zits ripened real quick and me, being Miss Itchy Fingers, squeezed them and ended up with PIH. I'm not saying that this product is bad. It is effective because it ripens the zits and once they pop on their own, you're done with them. Just be a Charlene and touch them! This product contains 4% Salicylic Acid, so I reckon this will do a splendid job in annihilating blackheads!

Laneíge's Multi Cleanser
This cleanser contains little beads which I love! I will be reviewing this, as well as other products from the Water Bank Series, Laneíge's Essential Care Trial Set (Light) to be exact, this weekend. Keep a look out! :D

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER's Creme-Gel
This is the old version and I reviewed it here. I have been a fan of this since I was 17. I use this as an all-over face product, and not on localized breakouts.

Naruko's Raw Job's Tears Whitening Night Gelly
I got this in my recent haul. This feels incredibly luxurious on my skin but it's far too early for me to pass judgement on its whitening capabilities. But gosh... It smells sooo good (Something like Bird's Nest. But not exactly!) and did I say that it feels sooo luxurious?!? *grins*

Hazeline Snow's Moisturising Cream
Best moisturizer. Ever. I have raved about it only a couple hundreds of times. Earlier this month, my skin was red and looked 'stretched'. I think it was the result of late nights, stress and too-potent products (Too potent for skin that has been made sensitive.). There were dry patches too (I still have a dry patch beside my left eye. ): ). Piling on products seemed to make it worse, so I turned to my handy dandy Hazeline Snow! And it pretty much cured everything! :D

Lanéige's Pore Clear Wash Off Pack
I have been using this intermittently. It leaves the face feeling soft and clean!!! And nope, there's no too-tight feeling! :D But there hasn't been any visible reduction in my pores' appearance. ):

Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose
I am completely and irrevocably in love with this fragrance (Read about the bloggers' part here.). Feminine and sensual, this is MORE than perfect for young ladies! (:

Maybelline New York's Volum' Express The Falsies Washable Mascara
Okay, I won't exactly say that this gives you '300% more visible, fuller lashes, no gaps from any angle' but it is a pretty nifty mascara. It's comparable to my CoverGirl mascaras. It doesn't clump and does lengthen the lashes quite a bit. However, towards the end of the day, when my eye lids get oily, I find little smudges near my lashes. I didn't experience this with CoverGirl's.

Ginvera Green Tea's Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++
I first encountered this when The Sample Store sent me one for review. But I found the shade a tad too dark for me so I passed it to the sister and she raved about it (The sister is uninterested in beauty stuff. So if there's any product that she raved about, I HAVE to check it out or take a second look at it.). And then, M has been saying that I look 'too white' so I decided to buy a tube of this and yes! I have been loving it! Fab coverage, I don't look 'too white' *rolls eyes at M* and as mentioned in my review, it blends seamlessly, like a second skin! :DDD

On a side note, it's always good to revisit products!

Maybelline's Pure BB Mineral Mousse
When I first played with this, I was a little too impatient. This takes a tad longer than other B.B. creams to blend but once blended, like what Juliet said, it gives a lovely airbrushed look (Read her review here.). The only other time that I got such a porcelain complexion was with Rimmel London's 16H Lasting Finish Foundation (in Ivory), which has been discontinued. I'm loving this a lot!

NARS' Blush in Deep Throat.
NARS. Blush. Deep Throat. Need I say more?!? (I like this so much better than Orgasm!)

Alrighty. This has been quite a long post. I'm off to catch a couple of episodes of 'The Lying Game'. Nights all! :DDD

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