Thursday, November 10, 2011

HAUL: Nails, makeup and such.

From not a single bottle of Essie to 6 spankin' brand new ones! Hehe. These are the latest 4 which I'm welcoming to my (rapidly) growing nail polish collection. Say hello to Fishnet Stockings, My Place or Yours, Ballet Slippers and Turquoise & Caicos.

I wanted Fishnet Stockings for the longest time (And so desperately too!), ever since I found out that this is one of the reds that Dita Von Teese uses. But it was a little difficult tracking this down, without resorting to sprees. All, except Ballet Slippers, were bought from Smoochiezz for $10 a bottle. (:

Eliza very kindly got me Ballet Slippers when she was in Hong Kong! Thanks so much sweets! :DDD

Say hello to OPI's Romeo and Joliet (Not a spelling error.) and China Glaze's Let's Groove. These darlings were from Smoochiezz too, $10 and $8 respectively.

And just a heads up, Smoochiezz will be having a nail polish sale at Jurong Point over the weekends! Essie will be going for $7 and China Glaze's at $6! Too bad I will be mugging my brains out for the coming finals (3 more weeks to ho-li-days!!!)!

No thanks to the monstrosity that has been cleverly disguised as a friendly institution, I have been breaking out. ): I haven't broken out this bad since... I don't know man. This is the worst in my 2.5 years of university.

I am a huge fan of Eucerin and Vichy so I'm desperately hoping that the above will restore my skin to that of a baby's. Eucerin's Dermo PURIFYER Active Night Care and Active Concentrate are $25.90 and $29.90 respectively. Vichy's Normaderm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate is $29.00 and I got it because it contains 4% salicylic acid, which doesn't dry out my skin like benzoyl peroxide does.

Next is the much-talked about Maybelline's Pure BB Mineral Mousse. This is retailing at $23.90 at Watsons.

I gave this a test shot the other day. But hmmm... It didn't sit very well on my skin. But it must be noted that my face was red and patchy, having stayed up the previous night working on a school project.

I will definitely play with this more before I pass my verdict. Juliet was tweeting the other day that it gave an airbrushed complexion, albeit a little-not-too-awesome coverage.

My very first NARS's Duo Eyeshadow in Rajasthan! *jumps up and down* I got this second-hand from Salina for $16. I can't wait to play with it! :DDD

And last but not least, my very first M.A.C's quad (Though I'm getting another from Michelle soon! Tee hee!)! This is Spiced Chocolate and I got this from Salina as well, for $15.

I have been looking for this online ever since I saw it on Ain't That Pretty (Read her entry here!)! I have yet to play with it but gosh, the colours look absolutely amazing on Natasha!

Alrighty, I'm off to take my shower and work on my last project for the semester! Hols in 3 weeks' time.

I. Cannot. Wait. :DDD

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