Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Numbers and the boy.

I have 4 more papers to the end of my 2nd last semester in university! Though the studying has dwindled drastically and stress is making its mark on my left cheek, the happiness index is way up! Last night, the boy told me about my awesome timetable for the next semester; it's going to be a two-day school week for me! *self-combusts in happiness* Swear everything was dressed in pink after that. Including the Awfully Chocolate Banana cake that Mum had just bought and has only one slice left to its demise.

Everything happens for a reason. But as much as I hate Math (Okay, I love it. Sometimes.), I knew there had to be a reason why 19-year old me would wake up one morning and decide that studying Math was the world's most fabulous idea. I found my answer this semester, in the form of a China boy.

HAHAHA. He's going to flip when he reads that sentence. He isn't from China, though his speech, looks and brain seem to suggest otherwise. HAHAHA. He's like the complete opposite of me. And hmmm... Pretty close to what I want in my man. Haha. I extremely like the fact that he's particular. Particular guys are good. Anyway, from instant friends, to buds and then, to someone who's so much closer... It has been pretty amazing. (:

He has his own label now (In the blog.) and this December's going to be filled with outings with him so *thumbs up and spastic smile*. :DDD

This semester has been really unexpected. Good unexpected. (:

I wanted to blog about something else but I can't quite remember what it is now. Oh wells. Back to the books!

Oh!!! I have been blogshopping A LOT! Love, Bonito, Pearlavish, The Velvet Dolls... I placed an order with Michelle for F21, gonna be receiving some falsies too! Haha! It's gonna be an awesome December, with a capital A!!!

And oh yes! I need to catch up on 'The Lying Game', 'The Vampire Diaries' (This season has been really good!), 'The Office', 'Community', 'Modern Family'... OOOOOOOOOH!!! Of course, outings with the boy and friends... GAHHH!!! December 1st, come already!!!


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