Thursday, November 24, 2011

REVIEW: Mentholatum's Mogitate Kajitsu (Orange & Mango)

So I have just sat for a paper and the word 'depressing' is a complete understatement to describe my feelings now but... There's always my little blog to cheer me up! :DDD

The Sample Store sent me one of Mentholatum's Mogitate Kajitsu lip balms last week and boy, was it timely! Late nights have turned my face into a Sahara and even my lips weren't spared. ):

The name's made up of 2 Japanese words;'Mogitate (もぎたて)' means 'fresh' and 'Kajitsu (果実)' means 'fruits'. And these little handy dandy lip balms come in 5 different delicious flavours; Strawberry, Grape & Berry, Orange & Mango, White Peach and Lemon & Lime. I was sent the Orange & Mango one. :D

Mojitate Kajitsu is a yummilicious combination of

Fresh fruit juice: Contains essential minerals and vitamins.
Honey: Heals and renews the lips.
Squalane: Helps to reduce wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage.
Grape seed oil: Helps to repair skin.
Vitamin A and E: Antioxidants that retard lip aging and give lips a healthy shine.

I'm very particular about my lip balms (And just about everything else...). There are some lip balms which coats the lips with a thick layer, like a lipstick. It's very yucky for me. But Mogitate Kajitsu doesn't! It goes on smooth and leaves a very light, comfortable layer on the lips. :D There's a very slight sheen which makes the lips look healthy!

The lip balm's also a little minty, making it refreshing and of course, it smells incredibly yummy!!! Most importantly, this lip balm provides UV protection too! We often neglect our lips when it comes to protection against harmful sun rays. This little darling takes care of that! :DDD

Mentholatum's Mogitate Kajitsu lip balms are available exclusively at Watsons at a pocket-friendly price of $5.90.

P.S.: Redeem your lip balm sample here!

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