Saturday, December 31, 2011

FAVOURITES: Best of 2011 (The Makeup List)

Hey lovelies! So the year 2011 is going to end in a couple of hours' time and everyone's writing really pensive and wistful entries and statuses. I don't really have much to reflect about... I think?!? Haha. I'm just really, incredibly thankful that I have my loved ones with me and of course, this blog! (:

So just like what a beauty junkie will do, I'm going to mark the end of the year with a 'Best of 2011' entry! :DDD

First up, Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ in No. 21. I got this at the end of the last year and this is the B.B. cream that I have reached out for the most throughout the year. Though the shade's a little light for me, it gives me sufficient coverage and takes me throughout the day. When I have this on, people always compliment on my seemingly perfect skin. Now, you know my secret! :DDD

Next, we have Vichy's Aera Mineral BB. This is incredibly pricey at $49 but I love how it dries to a very smooth, powdery finish. Again, this is on the light side but this is the only B.B. cream that I own which is hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging, fragrance-free AND paraben-free! This, however, isn't as long-lasting as the Missha one.

Ginvera Green Tea's Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++ is the only B.B. cream in my stash that doesn't draw complaints of me looking 'too white' from one of my guy besties (When a guy says that you look good, take note of all the makeup you have applied!). This B.B. cream provides excellent coverage. However, because it's runny, it makes a mess out of the tube, seeping out of it even when it's capped properly.

You can read my review here.

I have been using Too Faced's Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer for the longest time. I like how it goes on oh-so-smooth on my eyelids and just a dot of it keeps my eye makeup looking fresh, even at the end of the day. AND this is cheaper than Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I think I have written enough entries on K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black) to convince you of my undying love for it. This liquid eyeliner make my pencil ones sit in the dust for good. The brush is fine and 'sturdy', which makes drawing varying thickness of lines an easy peasy task. No smudging, no flaking, no fading and completely waterproof and there! We have a winner!

You can read all my K-Palette entries here.

Maybelline New York's The Falsies Volum' Express Washable Mascara (Blackest Black) is my latest treasure. This separates and defines lashes nicely, without smudging. Volume, checked. Length, checked. Holy grail status, double checked!

You can read my review here.

NARS' Blush in Sex Appeal was proudly acquired this year and it's a blush which I can all go heavy-handed, without fearing that I look like a clown. This blush adds a natural pink flush to the face to give you the famous makeup-less look. But do take note that this blusher is more suitable for the fairer ladies as the colour is pretty light and may not appear on darker skin tones.

NARS' Blush in Deep Throat is my absolute favourite! I actually like this a lot better than Orgasm. This is the blusher that I use for school, when I want to look all glowing and bursting with health! You can't be too careless when applying this though because it's a lot more pigmented than Sex Appeal.

Bourjois' ASOS Exclusive Limited Edition Vintage Blusher Peach Glow was a blusher which I nearly threw out but decided to keep it just because the words 'exclusive' and 'limited edition' exist in its name. HAHA. But boy! Am I glad to have kept it! I have learnt to love this little pot and I use it when I'm wearing my spects and have light eye makeup on. The brush that comes with it, though looking extremely cute, is scratchy and a big no-no for the skin.

You can read my review here.

Canmake's Highlighter in Baby Beige 05 is a pretty pinkish highlighter that brightens up my face in an instant! The slim brush that comes with it is as soft as pureed clouds. I love it that it's pocket-friendly because it makes great for touch-ups... Which you don't really need. It's totally fab for travels, definitely!

You can read my review here.

Burt's Bees' Lip Shimmers in Nutmeg and Rhubarb are what I use for school. They are pigmented but are unfortunately, a little drying. :\ The brand has since released another collection of Tinted Lip Balms and I will be trying them next (Sephora is having a sale whereby a pack of a Tinted Lip Balm and a Lip Shimmer is going for $19!). But nevertheless, these 2 have served me well throughout the year!

And ladies and gentlemen, presenting you my BEST buy of the year *drum rolls*... Essence of Beauty's Crease Brush Duo! My absolute favourite brush! This fits nicely in my small Asian crease and blends like a dream! Jerlene wrote such a fabulous entry on it that you HAVE to read it! Click here now!!!

A close-up shot of this precious darling!

Here ends my 'Best of 2011' list for makeup! If you have tried any of the above, do let me know your comment about them! And here's wishing my lovely readers a HAPPY 2012!!! May this year be oh-so-fabulous that you can't stop smiling! :DDD

Lots of love,
Charlene J.

Friday, December 30, 2011

EVENT: Clinique's Spotlight's On You Media Event

On December 13th, I attended Clinique's Spotlight's On You Media Event (Thanks for the invitation, Joyce! :D).

This event marked the official launch of Clinique's best-selling product, the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, in Singapore! This potent serum 'has clinched 58 awards world-wide, with one bottle sold every 11 seconds'!

The event was held at 1 Keppel Bay Drive, the Showroom Suites at Reflections. To get to the venue, a white cab was sent all the way to my door step! It was my first time being chauffeured to an event! Wow!!!

The dress code for the event was Elegant Glamour, as it was an Oscar-themed event. But umm... The brother commented that I was looking more like a gothic lolita than anything else. Heh. (Photos are below and there will be an entry on my pretty dress!)

And gosh! I was greeted by a white carpet when I arrived! I so did not expect that and totally fumbled when Bobby Tonelli interviewed me (GAHHH!!! *hides face*). Oh yes. A girl can get completely lost in those deep, gorgeous eyes of his... Mmhmm...


Heh. I'm still a tad starstruck but anyway...

TADAHH!!! Photos! :DDD

It was quite an experience, even though the whole walking-the-white-carpet thing took less than 5 minutes. The many photographers, the constant flashing of lights in my face, Bobby Tonelli, the camera... I did feel like a celebrity for a moment! Heh.

But yes, enough girly moments and let's get back to the product! (:

As introduced by Tonelli, the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has become a global phenomenon, especially in countries like the States, France, the U.K. and Italy. Apparently, one bottle is sold every 11 seconds around the world!

This product is THE answer to uneven skin tone, a condition that affects all women, regardless of the ethnicity and age.

Discolouration of the skin is caused by acne, environmental pollutants or aging. It makes us look dull and our skin tone uneven. The Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector promises to flick its wand and make even the most stubborn dark spots lighten by 1-2 shades in just 4 weeks!

One has to be careful with lightening products because some can be so harsh on your skin that it backfires. And this is the area which distinguishes the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector from the rest! The serum is so gentle that it can be used all year-round, without irritating or drying out your skin. Instead, it leaves your skin 'silky, smooth and soft'! And in doing so, it restores your skin's radiance and clarity! :DDD

With active ingredients like Curcuma Longa Tumeric Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract and CL-302 complex, this serum works its magic by breaking up large clusters of pigment at your skin's surface to reveal skin that's even, radiant and clear. It also prevents damage wrecked by free radicals!

Best results are achieved when this is layered over the 3-Step Skin Care Regimen. And remember, Clinique's products are allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, oil-free, non-acnegenic, dermatologist tested and ophthalmologist tested! :DDD

And this is me (Again.) in my very pretty dress!

(I don't really know what to say about photos of myself but I do love this dress a lot. Gawd. I'm obsessed with lace! Hence, the attempts to look like a doll in front of the loo's huge mirror.)

I'm excited to test out the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in January! You can check out the serum next month too, when it will be launched at all Clinique counters ($104 for 30ml and $143 for 50ml). :DDD

Thursday, December 29, 2011

HAIRSTYLE: My pretty hair!

Ohmigosh! I'm sooo excited! And even though my eyes are all ready to fall out of their sockets, I just HAD to blog tonight!

These 2 photos (Click here and here.) were posted on Twitter earlier.

THIS is the prettiest my hair has EVER been. I couldn't stop preening myself every time I came across a mirror in the mall. Heh heh.

Oh my gosh! Pretty, pretty hair! But hmm... (Psst! Look closer at the ends!)


Hahahahaha! That isn't my real hair! Well, not all of it anyway. I'm wearing clip-on hair extensions! Hehehe. :P

I have 2 pieces of this clipped on to the two sides of my head. These hair extensions are from Girlhairdo and it's all thanks to Rusty that I now have pretty and VERY healthy curly hair! :DDD

Girlhairdo operates both online and offline. I ordered a couple of items online earlier this month and it was a very smooth transaction! For these hair extensions, I made a trip down to their store at Peninsula Shopping Centre, #02-22 today. There were two ladies tending the shop (Mother and daughter, I think.) and they were extremely nice, helpful and patient!

When I first entered the shop with Dor, I was approached by the 'mother'. I told her I was looking for fringes (My bangs are growing out and they are no longer straight. I thought of getting extensions so that I needn't worry about my fringe anymore. HOLA!!!) and she led me to a stool in front of a huge mirror and picked out some fringes for me to try on.

In the shop, there were 5 other customers, excluding Dor and I. Both ladies were extremely helpful and patient towards each customer, even though some of us just wanted to try on the hair pieces for fun.

The fringe which I wanted wasn't available in black so Dor and I hung around watching others try on hair pieces. I asked Dor to try on some curly extensions since she likes curls (She permed her hair once but it left her hair so fried that she had to chop off her locks! :\) and well, both of us left the shop with lovely curls!

There are 3 clips attached to this hair extension. They clip on easily and do not tug at my own hair and scalp. The hair extension is also pretty light.

Such hair extensions are far more convenient than those glued-on or braided-in ones (I have done both.), because they last longer and you can extend your hair whenever you want! This also means that you won't risk tugging your hair roots unnecessary when shampooing and you won't have trouble sleeping because of any hard objects.

(Psst! The butterfly on my middle finger is from Konad! Will be blogging about it later!)

And this is my little hair extension kit! I'm supposed to brush the hair once before clipping the hair extensions on. After each use, I will need to air the hair extensions for a while and then, keep them in the little hair net. The hair net will help maintain the curls of the hair extensions.

Oh yes! My hair extensions were $25 a piece. Girlhairdo has many other styles and shades, ranging from $20 for fringes to $70 for the entire head (There will certainly be a hair piece for everyone!).

A customer, who was seated beside me, thought my hair extensions were real! Hahaha. That is how perfect the hair extensions blend in with my hair!!! :DDD

And okay, camwhoring time (Even though they are pretty much the same poses. SOMEONE! Teach me to camwhore please!). I didn't fix my hair carefully, so discerning eyes will be able to spot the extensions.

Alrighty! It's almost bedtime for me. I hope you like this entry. (: Thanks for reading! :DDD

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Love me not.

I have been dithering and crying so much over the L word. And now that I have finally come to a conclusion and said it out loud, I feel relieved. And sad.

I may be throwing away something great but it's a risk that I have decided that I'm willing to take, because this is how I'm feeling right now.

So I guess I'm going to end my 2011 without knowing what love is (Between a boy and a girl.). Again. And I'm sounding all pathetic and I can just picture the sister rolling her eyes at me, so I'm going to head to the loo and 'decorate' my face and prepare for an awesome day with Dor tomorrow (WATSONS' 1-DAY MEMBER PREVIEW SALE! HOLA!!!)! TODAY! IT'S TODAY!!! *jumps around*

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Love, Bonito's Cameron Cardi

Love, Bonito's Cameron Cardi was a must-buy for me and I got it in 2 colours, navy and mustard! *jumps around* This was sold out real quickly when it was first launched. I only managed to get my (Delicate. HAHA.) hands on them the second round.

After Love, Bonito's launch, there were similar pieces launched by other blogshops. I know Pearlavish has one but the swallows are printed on (Love, Bonito's ones are embroidery! Read on!). And there's a shop in Far East Plaza which sells one with huge printed-on swallows (About 2.5 times the size of these swallows.).

JUST LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS EMBROIDERY!!! Each swallow is sewn on so prettily that gawd, every girl needs this in her wardrobe!!!

There is one thing to note though, the material of the cardigan is scratchy, which makes things a little sad. ): BUT the pretty swallows totally make up for it (At least it does, for me!)!

And here's me again in this pretty number! I love it to bits and I can't wait to wear the mustard one! :DDD

Sunday, December 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Harajuku Lovers' Sunshine Cuties Lil' Angel

Merry Christmas, lovelies! :DDD I hope your Christmas is going on fine! :D Anyway, here's my Christmas present to you, Harajuku Lovers' Sunshine Cuties Lil' Angel!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Leave a comment with your name and email address.
2. Have an address in Singapore.
3. Just leave one comment.

The giveaway ends on December 31st, 11.59pm. All the best and have a fabulous day ahead! :DDD

Saturday, December 24, 2011

GOODIES: Christmas Love from Japalang!

On Thursday morning, I was greeted by a black package, with pretty golden stars dusted all over it. I was trying to recall the stuff I bought online (Whoo boy. I spent way too much this month... And the previous... And the month before that... :\) when I realized that it was a Christmas gift from Japalang! *squeals*

Thank you, Ariel, for the lovely surprise! :DDD

Inside the gift was a very pretty tin of Steam Cream and a personalized EZ-link card! :DDD

Last but not least, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely readers! :DDD


Gran loves to look at old photographs and ask me over and over if she used to be pretty, if her eyes were small back then, if she looked nice in a dress... Over and over. And I lose my patience with her. Each time I'm at the dining table snacking and she approaches me with old photographs, I start trying to swallow my food whole. I give those photographs which I have seen a billion times before a perfunctory glance, mumble something in annoyance... Gran loses her patience with me. And I go up to my room.

But I realize that that's all that Gran has. Mum tried taking her out but she always turned her down and eventually, Mum stopped.

And Gran goes back to looking at those stupid photographs over and over.

Items of the past are paraphernalia of death to me. Looking at them makes you ache for things that time can never give back to you, even if it wants to.

Friday, December 23, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Love & Bravery's Sateen Skorts in Mustard

The Sateen Skorts in Mustard was my first purchase from Love & Bravery. This Chanel-inspired piece is made from sateen (Not to be confused with satin. Read about it here.) and its parasol skirt structure made it a really unique piece.

The above's how the skorts look like under flash. Very comfy and classy (It has a slight sheen to it.) material. And gawd! Do I love that mustard colour!

This is one of my more unique buys online. I don't think I have seen other blogshops with a similar piece. It's really pretty and it looks better when it's worn high up. (:

OUTING: High Tea at COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria Singapore

Met up with Sam and Juliet one lovely Saturday afternoon to have girly chitchats over pretty cakes and aromatic teas. Before that, the 2 ladies had great fun with the Abercrombie & Fitch guys (Read Juliet's entry here!). Watching True Blood has reduced such carnal excitement to a mere 'Oh.' for me. Which is good, I suppose!

Juliet took us to COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria Singapore. It is located right at the end of Paragon Shopping Centre (Once you enter the building, just walk straight to the end!).

This Italian café was founded by Antonio Cova in 1817 and comes with quite a history. It was located beside the 'La Scala' theatre and was frequented by actors, writers, musicians, professors and public figures. However, these two buildings were damaged during the W.W.II 1943 bombings and the café was later reestablished in 1950.

Since then, Cova has left its mark in countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai and of course, Singapore. What stands out for this café is its impeccable hall-mark Italian service.

The place was beautifully decorated for Christmas and it was rather packed. Though we managed to get a table with little waiting, I think a reservation will be needed for any evening rendezvous.

There are 5 tea sets to pick from and each is accompanied with a pot of tea or coffee or a glass of fresh juice.

COVA Afternoon Tea
Classic ($18.00): Chef's selection of homemade finger sandwiches and open sandwiches.
Imperial ($20.00): Chef's selection of COVA pastries and cakes.
Royal ($22.00): Chef's selection of COVA pastries, finger sandwiches and open sandwiches.

COVA Light Sets
Sliced Cake Set ($14.00): Select your own sliced cake of the day.
Assorted Pastries Set ($14.00): Select your own 4 assorted mini pastries.

Selection of Coffees
Regular Coffee, Espresso, Double Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Ice Chocolate

Selection of Teas
Cova Teas: Royal Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Assam, Christmas Imperial Scent 'o' Morocco, Cun Powder, Pai Mu Tan
Other Premium Teas: Chamomile, Jasmine, Lavender, Japanese Green Tea, Tiramisu, Paradise Kiss, Pomegranate Ruby, Sencha Prugna

Selection of Juices
Bottled: Pink Guava, Pineapple, Cranberry, Lime
Freshly squeezed: Carrot, Celery, Watermelon, Green Apple, Starfruit, Orange

And here are my two lovely and very bubbly dates! Both of them believe in tilting heads slightly to the side when taking photos. I managed to snap one with Juliet not tilting her head and she looks just as sweet! :DDD

Sam and I are both envious of her pretty dimples! Man... Santa, I would like to have dimples this Christmas!!! Pretty please with sugar on top! And lots and lots of luscious, fresh cherries! And of course, your cookies and warm milk!

The three of us had the Royal COVA Afternoon Tea set. It would have been better for fussypot me to select my own cakes and pastries because I didn't like several items that came in my set. The cakes and sandwiches were fresh and delectable and my Lavender tea made a nice pairing with them.

COVA is a nice place to while a lazy afternoon away with your girlfriends. Thanks Juliet for taking us there! :D

LOOK AT THE SANTA!!! Hahaha! It's as if he slipped off the roof and landed right smack on his bum! OUCH!

And last but not least... Happy holidays to all my lovely readers!!! :DDD

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RAMBLINGS: What it means to be a Virgo.

When I was 15, I had a Science tutor who talked more than she taught. After engaging in some incredibly redundant small talk during our first session, she pointedly asked me for my horoscope and promptly checked our compatibility as friends.

I stopped tuition with her after a month or so because all she did was highlight the headings, subheadings and formulae in my textbook. I don't think I will ever forget her.

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