Monday, December 19, 2011

EVENT: UPHORIA Party with Sony (Part I)

Three Saturdays ago, Sam invited her friend, Dor and me to UPHORIA Party with Sony. Besides showcasing their devices (Which none of us bothered. Haha.), it was also a concert featuring Mike Posner and Train.

None of us knew who Mike Posner, which led to us googling and YouTube-ing him the night before. 'Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Feat. Lil Wayne)' has a pretty nice tune but the lyrics... Uhhh. :\ Those songs are just not my type. But Mike Posner did a fabulously splendid job in getting the crowd all hyped up!!!

As for Train, GAWD! DO I LOVE!!! Haha. I'm not a fanatic but I played 'If It's Love' to death and the brother was complaining that I totally killed the song for him. 'Marry Me' was a song which E asked me to listen to, so that has some sort of a sentimental value attached to it. Haha. There was one point when Train actually went down to the audience, took some of the cameras and took shots of him and the audience. I thought it was a really nice and sweet gesture. I mean, it would mean a lot to his fans.

This was my first concert and it was really awesome!!! We all had a blast and Train has won himself 4 more loyal fans! :D Thanks again dear, for the tickets! :DDD

Here are some shots taken at the concert. Enjoy! :D

(Psst! Train will be in the next post!)


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