Friday, December 2, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Buds with a Capital B!!! :DDD

I wanted to do this at the end of university, but my last semester with Hong Guan just ended and since Harry did his 'thank you' message, I decided to do mine now. And the sky's overcast at the moment. Perfect contemplative mood! (:

University started out very lonely for me because I knew no one in the Math cohort, having not attended a single camp (Please go attend one. No matter how anti-social you are. No matter how much you hate games.). My initial plan for university was to melt into the background, to be independent and to do everything alone. But please don't believe what the ___(insert swear word)___ junior college teachers say about how university is a breeze. I TELL YOU, IT SURE AS HELL ISN'T! To me, university is more of an emotional journey than anything else. You start to question everything about yourself. Or at least, for me, it was.

But thank goodness that through JH, I got to know Syafiqah a.k.a my lecture buddy, my fellow Tweeter and most importantly, my fellow beauty junkie. I remembered how we sat at the back for the first Calculus lecture and then, migrated all the way to the front, how you went with me to hound professors, especially 'French Tutor', to teach us inhumane Math, how we started planning our timetables around the crashing of other tutorials, how we got ticked off by a very PMS Andrew Kricker, how we always try to scribble everything that the professors say and then, compare notes with each other to see what we have missed out, how you lend me your notes when I started skipping classes compulsively... The list goes on, dearie. I want to thank you so much for everything! I definitely would have died without you in the first semester. I'm incredibly glad that you have found Raffie because I think he's perfect for you. Love you much, dearie. Keep being obsessed with makeup! :DDD

Second semester came, and I made a couple more friends but it was Eli, who's from SMU, whom I hung out with the most. From soccer mates to friends-even-when-we-are-dead, you are always going to be one of the VIPs in my life. Our friendship goes beyond words. Thank you for being my emotional pillar that semester, not just for school, but for all aspects of my life. Actually, thank you for that, from the time we met in junior college till this very minute. Thank you for never judging me and for being one of the best-est friends in my life. You are what I said you you were 4 years ago, God-given. I love you very, very, very much. (: We got a little sidetrack with our lives after that, but we will make up for it this hol. And I know I have quite a bit of updating to do. Heh. *guilty grin*

I got to know Lilin in semester three and it's the BEST thing that ever happened to me in university. I got to my tutorial pretty early one afternoon and in the classroom were Lilin, Harry and Gerald having lunch. I still remember Harry describing the different cliques in our Math cohort and I was so incredibly amused! But back to Lilin first... Thank you Lilin, for being the MOST AWESOME BFF in university. EVER. Thank you for being there for me 24/7, for being the most selfless friend, for helping me with my work, for all the SMS and Whatsapp sessions (Alan too!), for our eating sessions at Singpost, for always being so concerned about me, for the gossip sessions, for making train rides so much less mundane and like a million times quicker... For everything, love! I LOVE YOU TONS and we are so gonna be friends when we are old and wrinkly and we will still be gossiping and laughing like nuts! I still think it's damn cool that Vincent thought we were long-time buds! Tee hee! LOVE YOU^(infinity)!!!

And I think it was towards the end of the semester that I got to know Alan, a.k.a Pebble!!! Haha. Thank you for listening to me whine on and on about practically nothing, for entertaining me when I'm bored and being completely nonsensical, for listening to me go gaga over a certain somebody (HAHAHA!!!), for letting me go on spamming sprees on your Facebook wall, for trying to cheer me up when I'm sad (And failing miserably. :P), for telling me to 'go die' because it cracks me up, for helping me save money (Textbooks!), for being one of the nicest guys EVER! :DDD 小石头, you rock!!! Hahahahahaha! *thumbs up and spastic smile*

Semester 4 was... Quite a semester. I got to know Ching Liang, Vincent and Harry, a.k.a Chin Chin more. Laughter makes everything okay, so thank you guys for providing me buckets of it! I'm always so amused when Ching Liang laughs, like really laughs. I still remember the time when you couldn't stop laughing about something. Haha. It was really cute! Ching Liang and Vincent, thank you for being very magnanimous to me, despite the incident, for helping me with my work, for all the research that you guys did, for all the files sent... Very, very awesome people. (: And to dear Harry, hahahaha. Thank you for letting me spam your wall! Hehe! Thank you for your encouragement on Twitter (Tweet more please.) and thank you for the little pep talk you gave me. You don't know how much I appreciated it, though I was a little scared initially when you told me you wanted to talk to me. Heh. I was like 'Crap. What did I do wrong?!?'. Haha. Thank you, Chin Chin! You are damn cool and all the best for you-know-what! :DDD

And this semester, which just concluded yesterday at 11am (HOLAAA!!!)... This semester has been the most unexpected, surprising, seemingly the longest and quite possibly the best and worst semester. I decided to go crazy and 'piled on' the AUs, quotation marks on 'piled on' because I know there are tons out there whose intensity of 'craziness' is a million levels higher than mine. I'm still wondering why I thought taking 6 modules this semester just so that I can take 3 the next was a good idea. BIG SIGH. I'm really hoping that it doesn't cost me my GPA. Okay, I know it's gonna drop but Bell Curve god, not too much, pretty please with tons of sugar and a crate of cherries on top!!! *pleads with Anime eyes*

Anyway, this semester, I got to know Lance and Hong Guan a lot better despite meeting them much earlier on. Lance, thank you so much for stressing me out in my dreams. Haha. Kidding! Thank you so much for helping me with all my mods, teaching me how to remember formulae and making Math seem so much more human!!! Haha! Thank you for calming my frantic nerves before papers and for HMMM... Helping me out with my personal life (HAHA.). Thank you for making me laugh a lot with your "So crazy right?!?", "HUH! HOW TO DO?!? ORHHHHHHHH. EASY LA!" Thank you for arranging the little steamboat dinner at the end of the semester too! :DDD That was a fun night of Uno Jenga, or whatever it is called, with Shi Hui and Mingyang! :DDD

To Hong Guan, GAHHH! My last semester with you just ended! How quick is that?!? Thank you SO FRIGGIN' MUCH for helping me with Stochastic Processes. During Recess, you helped me even though it was like 1am! You were so patient with me and you explained till I understood. Thank you sooo much! I'm really glad for this semester because I also got to know the REAL you. HAHAHA. We met on the train, through Lilin, and I remembered thinking 'Oh! This guy is so humble and nice!'. BUT no ehhhhhhhhhh. Nice, definitely. Humble... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :\ Hahahahahahahaha. But it's good. Hahaha. It's very funny. Haha. I really do hope that you and dear Chin Chin will remain friends till the end, like Lilin and me! :DDD Anyway, do have fun and take care in the States (It's a little early now, but I'll just say it anyway!)!!! :DDD

Through Lance, I got to know Shi Hui and Mingyang. Shi Hui, you don't know how awesome it is to me to know someone who alights at the same train station as me (What a sentence!)! I have ALWAYS wanted a friend like that!!! Thank you for the train rides back, for the really random conversations which jumped from cheese to French movies to how long we take to eat dinner and take our baths. HAHAHA. Really random but incredibly cool! :DDD And I'm always telling Mingyang how cute you are! You will say something and then, laugh at it! Haha. Work hard at Japanese!!! :DDD

To Mingyang, HAHA! Hi 绵羊 (绵阳 is actually a city in Sichuan, China. Coolies!)!!! *waves frantically* I think it's awesome how we became instant buds after Survival Analysis' assignment. We always have so much to talk about even though there isn't really much and 'you eat rice while I eat potatoes'. Thank you for helping me so much with my work, for the group projects and for all the last-minute calls for the finals! You and Lance are really, incredibly brilliant! Way too awesome! Haha. As I have mentioned only like ten thousand times, you two really need your own bell curves. Haha! Anyway, thank you for being one of the most awesome people in my life too! Buds till we die!!! :DDD And oh yes, thanks for the imaginary duck too! HAHA! Whatever, seriously. I'm very certain that you are not clean after your bath! (Lilin, we haven't spammed his wall yet!!!)

And through all of this, THANK YOU LENNARD GOH CHI YANG!!! Even though sometimes you 'piss' me off till I want to hurl things at you, you are always going to be one of the greater loves in my life. :DDD Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............... I love you and you love me (In a brotherly/ sisterly manner, for the prying eyes.) and we rule the world! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for everything, all the way from when we were 18 (How much we have grown. *cue: Melodramatic song*). You're the best (Though of course, someone's best-er than you now, because of status. Heh.)!!! I can't wait for you to get your ass back to SG and hopefully, I can get my ass to the States after graduation. Never-ending flow of love from me to you! (Eh Skype date on Saturday night, don't forget! And yes, I know I'll be the one forgetting. HAHA.)

Alrighty. This has been one heck of a long post but it's full of undying love! To all the aforementioned people, THANK YOU FOR MAKING UNIVERSITY AWESOME FOR ME!!! I don't know what I would have done without each and everyone of you. :DDD Gosh! I sound like university has ended for me. HAHAHA. One more semester, Char!!!

Haha. I'm going to attempt to eradicate some exam-collected fats now.

Or maybe not.

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