Thursday, December 29, 2011

HAIRSTYLE: My pretty hair!

Ohmigosh! I'm sooo excited! And even though my eyes are all ready to fall out of their sockets, I just HAD to blog tonight!

These 2 photos (Click here and here.) were posted on Twitter earlier.

THIS is the prettiest my hair has EVER been. I couldn't stop preening myself every time I came across a mirror in the mall. Heh heh.

Oh my gosh! Pretty, pretty hair! But hmm... (Psst! Look closer at the ends!)


Hahahahaha! That isn't my real hair! Well, not all of it anyway. I'm wearing clip-on hair extensions! Hehehe. :P

I have 2 pieces of this clipped on to the two sides of my head. These hair extensions are from Girlhairdo and it's all thanks to Rusty that I now have pretty and VERY healthy curly hair! :DDD

Girlhairdo operates both online and offline. I ordered a couple of items online earlier this month and it was a very smooth transaction! For these hair extensions, I made a trip down to their store at Peninsula Shopping Centre, #02-22 today. There were two ladies tending the shop (Mother and daughter, I think.) and they were extremely nice, helpful and patient!

When I first entered the shop with Dor, I was approached by the 'mother'. I told her I was looking for fringes (My bangs are growing out and they are no longer straight. I thought of getting extensions so that I needn't worry about my fringe anymore. HOLA!!!) and she led me to a stool in front of a huge mirror and picked out some fringes for me to try on.

In the shop, there were 5 other customers, excluding Dor and I. Both ladies were extremely helpful and patient towards each customer, even though some of us just wanted to try on the hair pieces for fun.

The fringe which I wanted wasn't available in black so Dor and I hung around watching others try on hair pieces. I asked Dor to try on some curly extensions since she likes curls (She permed her hair once but it left her hair so fried that she had to chop off her locks! :\) and well, both of us left the shop with lovely curls!

There are 3 clips attached to this hair extension. They clip on easily and do not tug at my own hair and scalp. The hair extension is also pretty light.

Such hair extensions are far more convenient than those glued-on or braided-in ones (I have done both.), because they last longer and you can extend your hair whenever you want! This also means that you won't risk tugging your hair roots unnecessary when shampooing and you won't have trouble sleeping because of any hard objects.

(Psst! The butterfly on my middle finger is from Konad! Will be blogging about it later!)

And this is my little hair extension kit! I'm supposed to brush the hair once before clipping the hair extensions on. After each use, I will need to air the hair extensions for a while and then, keep them in the little hair net. The hair net will help maintain the curls of the hair extensions.

Oh yes! My hair extensions were $25 a piece. Girlhairdo has many other styles and shades, ranging from $20 for fringes to $70 for the entire head (There will certainly be a hair piece for everyone!).

A customer, who was seated beside me, thought my hair extensions were real! Hahaha. That is how perfect the hair extensions blend in with my hair!!! :DDD

And okay, camwhoring time (Even though they are pretty much the same poses. SOMEONE! Teach me to camwhore please!). I didn't fix my hair carefully, so discerning eyes will be able to spot the extensions.

Alrighty! It's almost bedtime for me. I hope you like this entry. (: Thanks for reading! :DDD

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