Saturday, December 10, 2011

REVIEW: TheNatureLab's Hydrogel Masks

Last week, The Sample Store also sent TheNatureLab's newest creations, the Hydrogel Masks. These masks are made from high-quality ingredients, like water, seaweed, vegetable extract, nutrients and essences.

Using advanced technology, the ingredients are made into a soft gel. In other words, the Hydrogel Masks have no holding mediums, unlike the traditional sheet ones. Hence, these masks are supposed to give you a whole new masking experience!

These masks are to be used thrice weekly, 30 to 40 minutes per session, in order to achieve optimal results. Each mask is only good for one usage.

I received

Wrinkle Free
Gold Power
Slim V
Snail Charm
Bright & Clear

The first one which I tried was the Wrinkle Free, meant for all skin types. This mask stimulates cell renewal, strengthens elasticity and skin's structure. In this way, it helps to repair existing fine lines and wrinkles and prevent new ones from happening.

This stung my face a little so I took it off after 15 minutes. :\ My skin felt smooth after that, though I was a little concerned about the stinging. Nothing happened though, thank goodness! I can't really say much about its repairing abilities as I have only used it once. Only long-term usage can warrant an impartial verdict in this area.

Next, I tried Gold Power, which may not be suitable for oily skin. This mask contains luxurious ingredients like caviar and salmon egg extract (Oh la la!) and helps to nourish and restore the skin. It is also said to have an amazing ability to slow down signs of ageing.

This is the prettiest mask. EVER. Look at the way the glitters catches the light! I stared at the mask for the longest time, just looking at all the pretty glitters. Heh. Okay, back to the review...

This mask was more moisturizing than the first and very much more comfy. My skin felt supple after usage, something which I didn't notice in the first. Again, I can't comment much on its anti-ageing properties.

Slim V, suitable for all skin types, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin so that it becomes supple, firm and radiant.

The mask was moisturizing and comfy (Only the Wrinkle Free one stung. The rest were okay. 0_o). It left my skin feeling supple.

Snail Charm, suitable for all skin types, was the mask for tonight. Snail mucin, a substance secreted by snails, aids in the suppression of skin infections, resulting in its skin-healing abilities. The mask contains this magic to stimulate the formation of healthy skin tissues and trigger the natural healing process of the skin.

This mask is the most moisturizing. The dry patches which I have been suffering from lately, especially round the nose (I have no idea why I am having them. ): ), are gone at the moment and I noticed an immediate brightening of the face.

As seen from the above (Poorly camwhored. Someone needs to help me find my best angle!) photos, the Hydrogel Masks come in two parts; one for the upper face and another for the lower. I find this pretty useful as the masks fall onto the face better (You know how sometimes one-piece masks have parts sticking out due to the contours of our faces...).

However, the masks don't really adhere to the face well. For me, I like to be doing things when I'm masking, so I would be sitting upright and some parts of the masks would hang loose. It isn't a problem for those who take a nap while masking. (: This is just anal Charlene speaking.

Another thing is that once the masks' essences are washed off in the morning, I find that my skin goes back to being a Sahara desert... :\ I think these masks will be good for those with normal, combination and oily skin. But those with dry skin may want to look for something more potent.

You can redeem a sample of the Slim V mask here! :D

P.S.: These masks are available at Watsons!

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