Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Love, Bonito's Cameron Cardi

Love, Bonito's Cameron Cardi was a must-buy for me and I got it in 2 colours, navy and mustard! *jumps around* This was sold out real quickly when it was first launched. I only managed to get my (Delicate. HAHA.) hands on them the second round.

After Love, Bonito's launch, there were similar pieces launched by other blogshops. I know Pearlavish has one but the swallows are printed on (Love, Bonito's ones are embroidery! Read on!). And there's a shop in Far East Plaza which sells one with huge printed-on swallows (About 2.5 times the size of these swallows.).

JUST LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS EMBROIDERY!!! Each swallow is sewn on so prettily that gawd, every girl needs this in her wardrobe!!!

There is one thing to note though, the material of the cardigan is scratchy, which makes things a little sad. ): BUT the pretty swallows totally make up for it (At least it does, for me!)!

And here's me again in this pretty number! I love it to bits and I can't wait to wear the mustard one! :DDD

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