Friday, December 23, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Love & Bravery's Sateen Skorts in Mustard

The Sateen Skorts in Mustard was my first purchase from Love & Bravery. This Chanel-inspired piece is made from sateen (Not to be confused with satin. Read about it here.) and its parasol skirt structure made it a really unique piece.

The above's how the skorts look like under flash. Very comfy and classy (It has a slight sheen to it.) material. And gawd! Do I love that mustard colour!

This is one of my more unique buys online. I don't think I have seen other blogshops with a similar piece. It's really pretty and it looks better when it's worn high up. (:


  1. Omg, I love Love and Bravery :D
    If you happen to be in Tampines, do go check their store, they have some items which are out of stock online yet in stock in their physical store! Love love love their stuff

  2. yan ling: I didn't know they have a store!!! I'll be going to Tampines this week. Will definitely check the place out! Thanks, Yan Ling! And MERRY CHRISTMAS! :DDD

  3. Yes they're at Tampines 1 and I can't help stepping into their store every time during lunch break! hehe. You too, merry christmas and happy new year, you look great in those skorts btw ;)


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