Sunday, January 15, 2012

FILM: Pretty Woman (1990)

Edward Lewis: What's your name?
Vivian: What do you want it to be?

I am so immensely glad that the plot for 'Pretty Woman' made a 180 degree turn, from 'dark drama about prostitution in New York City' to romcom (Gawd! I FRIGGIN' LOVE ROMCOMS! I marry them if I could!)! I mean, gawd! What would the world be without 'Pretty Woman'?!?

I now fully comprehend why my aunt, who loves no men, is completely besotted with Richard Gere! And I understand why Julia Roberts is one of the greatest actresses of all times (Pardon me for that. I caught a little of 'Runaway Bride' when I was young and I thought it was incredibly mean of her to leave the old man, whom I now acknowledge as HEARTTHROB RICHARD GERE, at the wedding altar and from then on, had boycotted all her shows. The crime I committed...).

But you know, this is precisely why all girls yearn for such flighty fairytales... And oh wait! Not to mention... IMPOSSIBLE. I don't mean to be such a downer, really. Just that I REALLY wish they weren't impossible. But as you get older, the light gets dimmer... OH GLOOM!

But anyway, I was just mentally comparing shows now and then. Now, we are swooning over guys who sparkle, who fly, who likes to drink blood, who have claws, whose eyes turn gold and bodies go all furry when it's a full moon, who growl... Then, we were swept away by PROPER guys, who are every bit as human as we are. Interesting... And I'm guilty as charged (I prefer the sparkling boys to the furry ones.).

For those who love to act in their heads like me, here's the script for 'Pretty Woman' (Yes, I love to read scripts and pretend that I'm acting.).

And it's amazing how I can just google 'fuckyeah___(insert noun of interest)___' and find a Tumblr created for said noun of interest. Gawd. Tumblr peeps are incredibly amazing! So here you go, bite-sized romcoms! YAY, ROMCOMS!!! No, waitaminute. YAY, OLD ROMCOMS!!! :DDD


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