Sunday, January 29, 2012

HAUL: theBalm and Relvon!

It was by chance that I dropped by Sasa yesterday for a small visit and boy! Was I glad I did that (My pocket's a little upset though... :\ The blusher is retailing at $30.90. Sasa has a 10% discount now, I think.)!

I spotted theBalm's Shadow/ Blush in Frat Boy! I have been waiting ages for it to make its appearance in Singapore!!! Ever since the Muse featured this peachy pink blusher in this entry, I started stalking Sasa but eventually gave up because they didn't seem to be updating the brand. But lo and behold!!! The GORGEOUS blusher!!!

(By the way, theBalm's nail polishes are here too!)

Just like the other blushers (Click here to read my entry on the other 3 blushers!), Frat Boy comes in a vintage cardboard packaging. I like that it is flat, comes with a mirror and closes with a magnetic snap.

I have yet to swatch it because I still want to stare at it in all its peachy pink glory before I decide to make my territorial mark on it. But be assured! Swatches will be up before you know it! :DDD

And then, here comes the latest lip products that have been setting the beauty bloggers' world ablaze with undying love (Pardon the senseless expression. I'm running out of adjectives.)! Presenting to you... Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters!

These darlings were spotted by Diana from AdoreBeauty (Click here to read her entry!). They can be found at Marina Square's John Little and each tube cost $15.90. Pretty reasonable ( is selling them at $7.49 each.). EDIT// Okay, it isn't. I don't know what I was thinking. All the excitement has gone into my head. Sheesh, Charlene!

This is all that were displayed when I went there just now. Do note that the 20% discount at John Little is not applicable to these lip butters as they are new arrivals. Bummer!

The 8 shades that are available in Singapore:

Sugar Plum
Strawberry Shortcake
Cherry Tart
Fig Jam
Peach Parfait
Brown Sugar

The missing shades:

Pink Truffle
Rasberry Pie
Crème Brulée
Sweet Tart
Red Velvet
Cotton Candy
Candy Apple
Tutti Frutti
Berry Smoothie

(Please let me know if I have left out any shades!)

And of course, I had to get my hands on some! Guess the shades!

I do hope more shades will be released soon, especially Pink Truffle, Red Velvet and Tutti Frutti! But oh wells. I'm just glad that some of them made it to our sunny little island! :DDD

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