Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HOW-TO: Travalo's Mini Refillable Spray

I love my fragrances and I take my miniatures out with me. But often, they are made of glass and even though the glass is pretty thick, I'm always worried that I will break them. So when Mich showed me her nifty Travalo's Mini Refillable Spray, I told her to march me to the shop to get one.

Unlike other atomizers which require you to transfer your perfumes manually (With funnels.), all you have to do is to fit the base of the Travalo's Mini Refillable Spray to the straw of your perfume bottle (Remove the nozzle!) and get pumping!

This useful tube houses 50 sprays!

The nozzle is the upper piece of the perfume head (Just the silver part!).

Remove the nozzle!

Get pumping!

TADAHHH!!! Direct transfer of your perfume with no spills!

Note: I had pumped some of my perfume in the bottle before making the video.

The Travalo's Mini Refillable Spray is available at Sasa and Watsons outlets. Sasa is having a sale now, so it's going for around $15. In Watsons, it is retailing at around $22.

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