Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Communications

This semester, I'm taking an elective called 'The Fundamentals of Communication'. I have read through 3 chapters and I'm certain that it wasn't by chance that I got this elective.

I don't get mad often but when I do, my fury takes the form of massive fireballs. Though they disintegrate within an hour or so, the damage and hurt that they can do is elephantine. Sometimes, I can contain the anger and sleep it off. But it isn't usually the case. I lash out hard and deep and when the words are said and can't be taken back, I realize that issues that made me hopping mad are really trifling matters.

There are some stuff which I find difficult to swallow but if it makes things sing in harmony and I can let them slide with a squirming butt and an annoying tug at my heart, I think I should. I hope it won't turn me into a bitter and resentful old hag though. :\

Anyway... Mmhmm... I decided to give the L word another shot. Heh heh. I know it's all very confusing. On and off, on again, then off off blah di dum. But it comes with a complicated history and because of that, I'm very wary.

But but anyway, I'm incredibly glad that he's so incredibly understanding and accommodating and unbelievably nice to me. There are so many instances when I ask him "Are you sure?!? Are you really sure about this?!?" and he will be like "YES! YOU ARE THE ONE!". And though it sounds so innocent (And dare I say a little n____?), it makes my heart really warm that someone, he, would want me.

Hmmm... Guess I let on my vulnerability. Oh wells. For now, I shall bask in the 'power' of the L word. HAHAHA!!!

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