Friday, January 27, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Interview woes.

'There is no right or wrong decision, because at the time when you made the decision, you'd thought it was right.'
- Yuanshi

Got the above quote from Ariel's blog. I'm hoping that it will bring some sort of a comfort to my poor soul because I didn't think carefully before I answered one particular question yesterday. But sigh. 16 hours on and I'm still beating myself up over it. I feel like I have let down Starbucks, the incredibly nice lady at the 'parent' company (Because in a way, I'm representing her. *buries self in embarrassment*) and myself.

Note to self: Think before speaking. Have a still heart. Do not worry that you are boring the other person (The ONE thing that's always on my mind whenever I'm talking to anyone. Sigh).

But oh wells. It was a good experience. After all, that was my first time being interviewed by such a huge company.

Alrighty. *thumbs up and spastic smile* :DDD Have a nice day! It's FRIDAY! Wohoo!!! :DDD

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