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REVIEW: Naruko's Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel

During the first week of January, I received a package from Naruko Singapore and was incredibly excited about it! I first heard about the brand from Hazel and then, subsequently from Dor, who was raving about the Raw Job's Tears whitening series. So I certainly did not hesitate when I was given a chance to review a couple of Naruko's products! :D

Naruko was founded by Niuer, who is one of Taiwan's top beauty gurus and is affectionately known as 'Beauty King'. Niuer spares no expense in developing his line, investing his life in developing more than 400 products that are beneficial and healthy to our skin and most importantly, tested out by Niuer himself. Yes, he tests each and every product on his own skin! He believes that 'what is inside is way more important than the look of the bottle' and adheres to his motto, 'Always demand the best: create products with high effectiveness and strict quality control', strictly and diligently. Naruko has won numerous awards, including the 'Best New Brand 2010' in Taiwan and China.

And it was with this great confidence in Naruko that I tested out

Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel
Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Moisturizer
Apple See & Tranexamic Acid

in the past 2 weeks (And counting!)! :D I will be reviewing these 3 products in the next few days so stay tuned!

The arrival of the Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel, part of the Tea Tree Oil Out Skincare Range, was timely as I was running out of my exfoliator. This peeling gel is specially formulated for people with oily, dull and uneven skin.

The peeling gel is an acne-fighting concoction of Tea Tree Extract, Essential Oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Arbutin. Tea Tree Extract works hard and deep in your pores, cleansing and clearing away dead skin cells. Essential Oils, Vitamin E and of course, our favourite Hyaluronic Acid, ensure that whilst cleansing your skin of impurities, your skin is still kept hydrated and well-moisturized. Arbutin lightens your skin tone to reveal a complexion that's bright and clear.

The Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel comes in a 120ml squeeze tube which makes dispensing of the peeling gel hygienic; the amount needed is squeezed out easily and there is absolutely no direct contact with the rest of the product. This is something that I'm very particular about. The packaging is perfect for the peeling gel because when the tube is placed upright, the peeling gel doesn't leak out... So thumbs up for the packaging! :D

The peeling gel comes out thick and transparent, with crushed tea tree leaves dotting it. It smells very strongly of tea tree... A pretty medicinal scent, which I like very much! Upon application of the peeling gel, there is an almost immediate cooling effect.

I use a pea-sized of the peeling gel after cleansing my face and a pea-sized amount of it is all that I need for my whole face. After applying it evenly to all areas of my face, I massage in outward circular motions for 20 seconds and then, rinse off the white eraser-like dust with water.

When using this peeling gel, I concentrate a lot on my nose, which is dotted with stubborn blackheads with a mission to thwart my goal of achieving a flawless and doll-like complexion. I have used this peeling gel 5 times now, and I have noticed that tip of my noise is clearing up quite a bit! :DDD

The peeling gel also leave my skin smooth after usage. :D Do take note that it is to be used only 2 to 3 times a week as it is quite a potent product. This is perfect for people with oily skin. However, for those plagued with dry skin, this will be too drying. My cheeks are usually dry and the peeling gel proved to be too strong for them after the first few applications. I use this mainly on my T-zone area and chin.

I keep most of the boxes that my products come in so that I can refer to the information printed on them and also, because I use them to house my knick-knacks! I have a perfume box of pen refills and a moisturizer box of bracelets! I was really thrilled to find out that Naruko boxes can actually be transformed into stationery organizers with just a few snips! TADAHHH! A new home for my colour pencils! :DDD

Before I leave, do head on over to Naruko Singapore's website as it has been revamped to include their reward point system! Every dollar spent on Naruko's products via the website will earn you a maximum of 1 reward point. These points can be used to redeem gifts and discounts!

To celebrate the new launch, Naruko Singapore is throwing in 100 reward points for members right now! All you have to do is submit your details here. (:

Alrighty. I hope your Saturday will end splendidly! See you real soon! :D

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