Friday, January 27, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Love, Bonito's Derby Knit Skirt

Love Bonito's Derby Knit Skirt is part of their Fall/Winter VIII collection. The skirt comes in Heather Grey, Ivory and Mustard and I had a tough time picking a colour.

But, as usual, by the time I had thought everything out as carefully as I could (And as much as such a frivolous decision entailed. Mind you, this collection was released in the midst of my examinations. Tsk, Charlene. I judge you!), only Mustard was left... Which was just as well, because I was deciding between Heather Grey and Mustard. Ivory would get dirtied far too easily.

Here's a close-up shot. The cable knit is made from a cotton-wool blend and it's very thick. But thankfully, it doesn't cover more than 3/4 of my legs or else our sunny little island is going to be incredibly unforgiving about it.

For ladies with wide hips, this is a little unflattering (As seen above. OH GLOOM.) because the skirt hugs the hips like a bear hugs his honey. I'm still going to keep it though, because 1. it's friggin' MUSTARD!!! 2. I really love the cable knit design!

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