Saturday, January 28, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Runway Bandits' Norse Asymmetrical Hem Galaxy Skirt


This completely gorgeous Norse Asymmetrical Hem Galaxy Skirt is the child of Runway Bandits. The skirt took ages to reach me but it is SO. COMPLETELY. WORTH. IT! Just look at how pretty it is... *gushes*

The chiffon skirt comes with a thick black elastic band, which is 14 inches across. It is short in the front and long at the back (29 inches.), making the skirt completely fairy-like! When you walk, the back of the skirt literally gets lifted ever-so-slightly so that there's a trail of fairy dust behind you wherever you go!

The skirt is accompanied with a pale green inner lining, which is completely soft and like pureed clouds! Ooooooooh!!!

(How many 'completely's have I mentioned already?!?)

A close-up shot!

For those who love D-I-Ys, check out this and that!

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