Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SWATCHES: Za Cosmetics' Cheeks Groovy

Last evening, Verlyn tweeted that Za Cosmetics' Cheeks Groovy landed in Watsons (You can view her swatch fest here!). So... I went to check them out right after school today because I heard that one of the shades is similar to NARS' Blush in Orgasm!

The most exciting thing is that apparently, NARS is under Shiseido, which Za Cosmetics is under and... These Cheeks Groovy blushers are made with the same technology that NARS' blushers are made with! But please take note that I'm not very certain about this because I can't remember where I got this from (Either Twitter or from someone's blog.). More information about the blushes can be found from Chantana's entry here.

01 Glowing Pink is a peachy pink (More towards pink.) shade that contains gold shimmers and resembles NARS' Blush in Orgasm. I think it's the prettiest out of the lot! (:

02 Strawberry Pink is a matte, ballerina pink with a silver sheen to it.

03 Pink Petal is a brighter and more cheery pink than the previous and is also matte. It resembles theBalm's Shadow/ Blush in Down Boy.

04 Apricot Pink is a matte, peachy pink (More towards peach.) shade.

05 June Bride is a yellow-based highlighter.

These blushers are available at Watsons and are each priced at $17.50.

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