Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RAMBLINGS: The Chronicles of Narnia

I'm onto the last book of 'The Chronicles of Narnia', with not much studying done. I really have no idea how I could have ever disliked the series and actually liked the lightning-scarred boy more! I do remember thinking that it was really strange that a lion could sing and how silly it was that God could be represented by a talking lion (Okay, I don't know the exact Christian links here and I'm not discussing religion to anyone.).

But anyway, I half wanted to burst into tears watching the trailer. I mean, the book... IN FILM!!! Oh gawd. It's almost too much for me to take. I'll probably be tearing the minute the movie begins. I know, a perfect fan girl. BUT I'm not rushing out to get everything that is Narnian. And I do think I will find very few Narnian toys anyway.

I know it's a kids' book and I'm like... Oh bother (Haha. I find the expression funny. And there's 'It's all rot!'. Hahaha. Tickles me.)! 2 years into adulthood but oh wells. I discovered my childhood a little late and it's alright. Better late than never, they say.

And it's back to the books for me. I have deleted every single social media platform off my mobile and pledge to be void of any until my midterms are over. They take up A LOT of my time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EVENT: LEADERS InSolution Mask's Bloggers Launch Event

2 Saturdays ago, I attended the Leaders InSolution Mask's Bloggers Launch Event, organized by The Sample Store and Cossy. Thank you, dear Elfaine for the the invitation! :DDD

The event was held at the very cozy but obscure Raindrops Cafe. Haha. Do not, I repeat, do not enter *SCAPE building. The café isn't in it at all. Rather, it is located outside. It is somewhere behind Toast Box, if I remembered it right. The café is away from the flea area and though you can hear a stream of chatter, it isn't loud at all and in fact, quite peaceful and relaxing. I say, it's just the perfect place to have heart-to-heart talks (And also, a good pigging out session! Read on! :P)!

LEADERS InSolution is part of the Leaders Cosmetics Group. The group, which started in 2001, now owns and operates more than 10 clinics across the land of flawless complexions and long legs (I'm pretty sure you have seen their pop stars. EVERY single one of them has perfect, and I do mean PERFECT, skin and legs that go for miles and miles!), a.k.a South Korea. The group's own dermatologists developed profession skin care ranges which are popular among many Korean celebrities. It comes as no surprise then that the group has since won 5 patents, a national innovation and a scientific honour by South Korea.

In particular, the brand LEADERS InSolution is a COSMedical brand that is the birth child of LEADERS Skin Clinic's dermatologists. Principles used in dermatologists for common skin troubles are applied to this brand. It is a clinical range that is well-received by ladies (And perhaps, gentlemen. (: ) in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

Previously, you can only get LEADERS InSolution's masks online. Well, guess what?!? *jumps up and down* Come March (Gosh! Isn't March so utterly exciting for us, beauty junkies?!?), you can get them easily at our favourite Watsons! :DDD

Pretty Madelyn was our host for the day. I knew that she was a blogger but I had no idea that she did hosting too! And she did a really fine job! She was smooth and incredibly well-prepared. (:

And the very photogenic Yi Jing was our model for the day. Haha. Yi Jing kept telling us to Photoshop her photos but there isn't any need for it! :D

After giving us a short presentation on LEADERS InSolution's masks, Madelyn did a mask demonstration. This was when Yi Jing became Madelyn's doll. She had 2 different types of masks plastered on her face, one from Brand X and one from LEADERS InSolution!

The Brand X mask was thick and opaque, whereas the LEADERS InSolution one, being a natural cellulose sheet, felt a little like skin and was translucent. The latter was also soaked with tons of essence!

During the duration that Yi Jing had both masks on, the Brand X mask kept dropping at the chin area. The LEADERS InSolution one, on the other hand, adhered itself like a second skin. I hate doing nothing. Usually, when I have my masks on, I will blogging, reading or watching a show so the latter will be really convenient for me. Impatient me will probably throw away the Brand X one the moment it starts to drop!

We had a mini advert-making competition after that, which saw us fiddling with sparkly paper, cute stickers and pencils which came in a myriad of colours! Thereafter, we were treated to a scrumptious lunch!

Yummilicious desserts! My tummy was one happy... Well, tummy that day! :DDD

Here are some shots of my table, as well as a group shot, taken by the photographer!

And last but not least, our wonderful organizers and host! Thank you so much for the well-planned event! :DDD

And just a little more information about LEADERS InSolution Masks...

As aforementioned, this is a clinical brand. It was 'developed based on the dermatologic theories and clinical experience of the medical staff at LEADERS Clinic'. It prevents and treats skin troubles, whilst ensuring safety through strict laboratory tests. It uses the newest technology and natural ingredients, with absolutely no parabens, mineral oils, silicons and artificial pigments!

Under the brand, there are 2 ranges of masks. The Skin Renewal Masks are meant for prevention and the Skin Clinic Masks, for improvement. Each mask caters to a specific problem and since there are 8 types altogether, you will definitely find an answer to your skin woes!

I used the Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask, meant for whitening, this afternoon. The mask indeed adhered to my skin better than most masks which I have tried, allowing me to study without any disruptions. I didn't need to stick the mask back on my face because it didn't drop at all and so, I didn't have to make unnecessary trips to the loo just to wash off the essence that got onto my fingers. Essence didn't drip off the mask either. I applied the remaining essence in the packet to my elbows and arms.

After removing the mask, I patted the leftover essence into my skin. It felt sticky initially but pretty soon, I didn't notice it anymore. There wasn't any immediate whitening effect but my face did look slightly clearer and was certainly hydrated adequately. (: Well, anyway, these are my observations after just one usage and the efficacy of masks is really apparent only after long-term usage. Anyway, I think this afternoon's mask looked pretty promising. I can't wait to try the others! (:

LEADERS InSolution Masks are priced at $3.00 for the Skin Renewal Masks and $3.50 for the Skin Clinic Masks. They are available exclusively at these Watsons stores:

Ngee Ann City #B2-06 to 09
Ion Orchard #B4-12
Marina Square #02-212
Raffels City #B1-42
Bugis Junction #02-27 to 33
Vivo City #B2-17
Parkway Parade #B1-14/15/16
Tampines Mall #B1-07/08
IMM Building #01-53
Jurong Point #B1-12/13
Compass Point #02-12
Toa Payoh HDB Hub #01-510

For the month of March, there is a 'Buy any 3 Get 1 FREE' promotion. Good time to do some stocking up, aye? :D Do check out LEADERS InSolution's Facebook page and the Cossy's website. (:

Once again, a BIG thank you to The Sample Store, Cossy and Raindrops Cafe for the lovely event! :DDD

LOOKBOOK: Roses are red.

What I wore for my V-Day dinner (Read about it here!).

The pleats are so pretty that I'm willing to overlook the tackiness of those flimsy-looking roses.

SPOTTED: Steam Cream in Bloom!

Hahaha. Okay, I know my titles are getting lamer by the entries. But umm... I couldn't help it! Heh. Anyway, I blogged about Steam Cream yesterday (Click here to read it!) and how it's currently being my superhero and saving me from dry skin (Just in case you're interested, I have NO MORE dry patches! WHEE! :DDD). And then, I received Ariel's email regarding the rolling out of 3 new designs this March!

Chamomile is one of STEAMCREAM's calming ingredients. They say it was used in Bablyon 4000 years ago and it's one of Europe's most ancient medicinal herbs. We created this in its honour!

Fragaria is the Lain name for the strawberry, from "Fragare", fragrance. Just imagine picking a fresh sweet-tart strawberry on a summer's day under the pale blue sky. In the language of flowers, the gift of strawberries means "temptation”.

OH MY GAWD. ISN'T THIS SOOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY CATH KIDSTON?!? The strawberries are a little too life-like to be Cath Kidston actually but whatever! It's pretty close and so, so, SO pretty!!!

The outstandingly beautiful cherry blossom (Somei-yoshino) has such a short time to fill the world with beauty each spring. Pale pink blossoms burst out on top of each other inviting you into their dream world.

You can read all my Steam Cream entries here. :D

These darlings are priced at $25.90 each and will be available at selected BHG, Watsons, Nishino Pharmacy, Unity and Sasa outlets. You can also get them online at Beauty Carousel. (:

Monday, February 27, 2012

SHOWCASE: L'Oreal Paris' March Launches

Earlier this month, I received L'Oreal Paris' Valentine's Day gift to me. (: Thank you, L'Oreal Paris for the sweet surprise!

Come March (Which is just 3 days' away!), L'Oreal Paris will be launching the Lash Architect 4D ($27.90) and the Super Liner Luminizers ($20.90).

The Lash Architect 4D, available only in a single shade Noir, provides volume, length, texture and curl, all in one swoop! The secret to its awesomeness... 4D fibers which are just 4mm long! They help to sculpt your lashes without any hardening or stiffening!

The brush is designed at an angle so that you can get at every lash easily and achieve the false lash effect within seconds!

And tadahhh!!! Here are my eyelashes, looking oh-so-long and luscious!!! I have two coats on in the photos above. One coat gives very natural-looking lashes, which are well-defined. Two coats will mean slight clumping but gorgeously long lashes! As the brush is pretty small and angled, apply masacara to the lower lashes become an easy peasy task! The only downside is that long and warm days will see some smudging at the end of them.

I think that the Lash Architect 4D creates a more obvious falsies effect than the Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Washable Mascara (Click here to read my review!) and it is because of this, that I prefer the L'Oreal Paris one.

The Super Liner Luminizers come in 3 shades; Vibrant Sapphire, Amber Brown and Sparkling Purple. These liners intensify your eyes with light-reflecting particles.

The shades and sparkles are more prominent under direct sunlight.

They appear a lot deeper indoors... Almost black!

The brush is rather thick so these liners will be good for bold looks. As the colours are pretty dark, those who want to stray away from the usual black liners but still stay in the safe zone, do check these out! :D The liners wash off easily with water, leaving not a single trace of it. (:


ATM: I had good skin in January!

Happy Monday, Muffins! :D This is something which I wanted to share quite a while back. However, when February came, I was bombarded with school and skin woes so this has been pushed back for a pretty long time. (26 days, in fact.).

Anyway, for the month of January, I had the smoothest and clearest skin possible! I started this skincare regime in the mid of December, occasionally switching things a little for testing. But the products which I'm about to share made up the core of my regime.

My regime consisted of just 4 items. It started with my trusty ol' Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have mentioned a gazillion times before but once again, this has been with me since I was 15. I don't like straying away from this very much because more often than not, it leads to the most undesirable consequences (Keep reading... OH GLOOM!).

This cleanser doesn't treat, plump your skin or do any of those fancy stuff. It just cleanses, like what a cleanser is supposed to do, and it does a splendid job. It's perfect for those with sensitive skin. But of course, this doesn't double up as a makeup remover so please use one for getting rid of your makeup first.

Next, I followed up with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion. I have done a comprehensive review here and for anyone who's interested to know, the travel set lasted me for a month and a half and it's still available at Ngee Ann City's Watsons.

Back to the lotion, I poured a few drops in my hands, clapped my hands together (I don't rub because I have sweaty palms and I don't want to risk... Making any sweat. Haha.) and patted the lotion all over my face.

A few drops of Kiehl Midnight Recovery Concentrate came after that. I love the smell of it so incredibly much! For someone who stresses over the most trifling thing, a whiff of this ensures a good night's sleep. This is in my current regime.

To end of the whole regime, I used Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Milk in the same way I used the lotion.

All these products made a perfectly smooth and clear canvas out of my face. Makeup went on smoothly and I was feeling blissful everyday. Unfortunately, the Wicked Witch of the West had to come and mess my skin up (Oh yes. Blame the Witch. It's not my fault at all! Haha. Nahhh... Blame the beauty junkie in me. ):).

I mentioned in my latest haul entry (Click here to read.) that I purchased the Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Exfoliating Face Wash. I raved about how there was a marked smoothness in my skin.

BUT (There's always a 'but'! ANNOYING.) a week or two of it dried up my skin like the Sahara Desert!!! I was using it everyday because gawd! It said 'gentle' on the tube and recommended usage is twice daily!!! Sam actually advised me to use it only a couple of times a week and I was on the lookout for a new cleanser to try out. I didn't think 2 weeks matter at all. HOW WRONG I WAS!!! And well, now I'm paying for it. It didn't help that February has been very stressful so all the spots came rearing their ugly heads. OH WOE IS ME!!! ): ): ):

Anyway, to combat the yucky, flaky skin, I have been slathering Steam Cream (Click here to read my review!) on very generously. And though it was pretty heavy for my then well-moisturized skin, my now parched skin is lapping the cream up like its life is dependent on it! THANK YOU, STEAM CREAM!

I still have a couple of dry areas and spots left and I pray hard that they go away soon! But anyway, it's supposed to be 'Happy Monday' so I shall end off sounding oh-so chirpy (I am, actually! For it's the start of Recess, a one-week break for university students!)! For anyone who's looking for a new skincare regime, do give the aforementioned one a shot! I know of a few people who are constantly raving about Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion so do at the very least try this, if you haven't already! :DDD

Sunday, February 26, 2012

RAMBLINGS: V-Day in Photos.

merci beaucoup, mon poulet. (:

RAMBLINGS: So it's recess again...

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. Though it's just the start of Recess, I know all too well that time will zip right out of the door and I will find myself scrambling after it.

I have been gobbling by 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. I disliked it very much when I was a child and now, I have absolutely no idea why I felt so. Now, whenever I open up my wardrobes, I always make a point to feel the back of it.

Anyway, just a little break from blogging. Here's my wishlist for the year... Or maybe for the next 3 years. And no makeup at all *beams*!

&/ sewing machine
&/ dslr
&/ tablet lappie or mac book

Big ticket items. Sigh.

OUTING: Dinner for 2 at Buttercake N Cream!

The boy and I are perpetually on the lookout for good food. Though when we do find an awesome place, we tend to go back to it several times before moving on. Okay, it's actually just me. Heh.

Anyway, after reading Fel's entry (Click here to read it!) on Buttercake N Cream, I thought it would be good to go somewhere out of Orchard (We are ALWAYS at Orchard because you know... That's where the Queen of Watsons, Sephora, F21 and all that reside.).

Fel suggested reserving a place because it was a full house when she was there. And guess what?!? You can actually make a reservation online! :DDD I don't know about you, but when it comes to delivery and all that, I much prefer doing it over the net to picking up the phone and having to blab to a complete stranger. That and also, my house, especially my room, has terrible reception so it really stinks to have the line cut off mid-way and needing to apologize profusely when the caller calls back.

(The online form did not work for me, so I sent an email and got a reply on the same night!)

Buttercake N Cream is a few bus stops away from the Clementi and Dover stations. Once you arrive at the bus stop, walk straight! The boy and I, having never been to this area before, made an entire big round before finding the place. :\ The place is near the end of a row of pubs and eateries. If you are facing the shops, walk to your right. (:

You get to pick between al fresco or indoor dining and though the former looks incredibly pretty, both of us are avid fans of the air-conditioner. It should get cooler at night, so the al fresco dining should be just perfect for couples!

The indoor dining area, however, is a little small so the tables are a tad too close for comfortable conversations. But it shouldn't matter unless you're divulging any 'big, earth-shattering, president-is-planning-to-bomb-Japan-and-only-Will-Smith-can-save-the-world' type of secrets (Quote from 'Can You Keep a Secret' by Sophie Kinsella, my all-time favourite chicklit. She has a new book out! 'I've Got Your Number'! And I know I'm in adulthood now and have sworn off all bimbo-tic stuff yeah right but... GAWD! I LOVE CHICKLITS!).

We were greeted with a couple of chocolates when we were brought to our table. It was really sweet of the staff, since we were actually there on the 16th (Both of us had lessons on 14th, though we did manage to spend some time together which culminated in him skipping his class. Thankfully, it's an elective which he's going to SU. All is safe. I'm no bad influence!).

We had the 'A "Sweet", "Sumptuous" & "Satisfying" 3 Course Set Dinner for 2'. For the main course, the boy had the Roasted BBQ Chicken Leg, while I had the Dijon Norwegian Salmon, which came with the juiciest and freshest prawns ever! The salmon was nicely cooked too and the skin was soft and a tad crispy... Just the way I like it!

The boy had to battle a little with the leg but he liked his food pretty much too! (:

Our appetizer was the Chef's Wild Mushroom Soup which the boy liked quite a lot! The entire bowl was dotted with delicious mushroom bits uniformly throughout. It was neither too salty nor too buttery/ creamy. Just right (:

I love Aglio Olio tons and I have been going around, trying to find the BEST plate of that simple but so-friggin'-yummy dish (The boy accompanied me in the later part of my quest and discovered that he too likes Aglio Olio. Whoopee!!!). So even though we were pretty full after the main course, we just HAD to try (You understand that we weren't overeating. It was something that was needed to be done desperately or we could never have gone to sleep that night.) their Aglio Olio!

And our verdict?!?

The garlic, chili and oil mixture was just right and tasted really scrumptious! There wasn't too much olive oil such that the pasta became completely soggy. But we had a gripe with one thing... The pasta was a little too soft for our liking. Otherwise, the dish would have been pretty perfect (We would have liked to try their seafood version but we were feeling pretty stuffed! Their prawns are really, REALLY good!).

Chocolate Fondue Pot was our 'sweet affair' for the day. It was a rather large set but it was a nice complement to the 3-course meal. The chocolate wasn't that sort that hardens when you lift it out of the pot, which meant that your little tidbits stayed warm in the heart of the chocolate. I like both sorts but because I was feeling a tad cold by then, the warm chocolate in my mouth was greatly welcomed.

Our total bill amounted to $60 plus, which was worth it. I mean, we had 3 main courses! Haha. The ambiance was delightful and the place was incredibly cozy. We were there from 5.30pm to near 7pm and it was pretty quiet (The indoor dining area was full by then.), away from the city chatter.

As for the service, it's tops! The staff was cordial and prompt! We didn't have to wait very long for our food and the different courses came at the right intervals. Before we left, we tried to take a couple of photos and were struggling a little. The lady who served most of our meals came up to us immediately and offered to help. (: Good food needs to be accompanied with good service to make the experience whole.

It's definitely a place that I would go back to with my friends, even though it's really out of the way for me. And of course, I'll be ordering the Seafood Aglio Olio then! :DDD

Saturday, February 25, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Lace and Army Green

I wore this two Fridays ago. This entire outfit is from Forever 21. The newly-acquired boots are from Ecco.

Actually, most of my clothes are from F21. I just pop in and pick out size S for tops and pants and XS for skirts and I'm good to go. I don't bother trying them out unless it's a dress and I'm not quite sure how it will fall against my body.

Lace and chiffon makes a completely sweet and feminine combination. I love the style of such tops because it gives off a very rustic look... A tad like the Mori Girls (Click here to check out the Mori Girls' style!) in Japan but not as extreme.

Army green and antique gold is a pairing which I especially like and which is also especially difficult to find. The antique gold, though looking very ostentatious and all that, softens the military vibe that the army green gives.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EVENT: SK-II's 'A New Paradigm in Skincare: High Definition Skin' Event

On the last day of January, I attended SK-II's 'A New Paradigm in Skincare: High Definition Skin' event. This event marked the launch of SK-II's latest innovations to their existing Whitening Spots Specialist and Cellumination boutiques. These include the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, Cellumination Essence EX and Cellumination Deep Surge EX.

With the arrival of High Definition (HD) technology, ladies, being ladies, are asking for more. We want skin that is completely, and I stress completely, flawless... We want skin that is HD too and by this, I mean that we want skin that is translucent, rosy and looks good with AND without makeup.

SK-II, being a brand that prides itself in catering to ladies' every need, came up with this HD skincare to deliver just that kind of skin! Skin that is with highly defined aura and spotless clarity!

Held at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante, I was quite taken by the building. It was utterly beautiful and felt incredibly rich.

A quick search on Google revealed that this majestic restaurant used to belong to the Alkaff family, one of Singapore's earliest Arab families. It was abandoned after World War II, fell into disrepair and was turned over to the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. Under Hotel Properties Limited, it underwent a million-dollar revamp to turn into the beauty that it is today. (:

The event kicked off with a beauty round table session, featuring photographer Ashley Mak, internationally-recognized makeup artist Grego Oh and celebrities Evelyn Tan and Jamie Teo.

Mak mentioned that 'HD changes the way we see things'. Now, everything is magnified 6 times and flaws like wrinkles, pigmentation and even facial hair become very stark on screen. In beauty shoots, the environment is controlled and RGB colours are actually used to get skin to look as naturally flawless as possible. Such is the basis that the Cellumination Essence EX is built upon.

For Oh, he felt that HD makeup was created to suit HD technology and 'it was only a matter, of course, before we looked for HD skin and HD skincare'. "With its quest for flawlessness, HD skin is the way to go. It is the future of skincare," said Oh.

Tan and Teo then shared their experiences as actresses who have to deal with HD filming. When Tan was filming Kevin Tong's 'Love Story' as a librarian, she needed the no-makeup-look makeup and she commented that for HD makeup to work, one really needs good skin and that means going back to the basics, i.e. having enough sleep and less stress etc.

As for Teo, working with HD platforms means that flaws are magnified and having this knowledge can distract one from one's craft. For her, HD technology increases her pressure in front of the camera and she stressed how important it is to have good skin.

A recent SK-II's study revealed that 'the true aura quality of a woman's skin is only revealed at a close range of 20cm'. At this distance, the micro-texture unevenness and micro-tone unevenness of the skin become glaringly obvious.

Besides unevenness of skin, dark spots make up another common skin issue that plague women. These things, though some are no bigger than a full-stop, are actually one of the toughest to deal with. The most lethal ones are not the spots which are visible to the naked eye. Rather, they are those that are 'hidden' and manifest slowly (And painfully.) over time.

With these 2 issues seated deep in their minds, SK-II sought to come up with answers that are evident within 20cm and within a matter of only 4 weeks!

First up, we have the Cellumination Essence EX. Thhis potion contains the new Aura-bright Cocktail, 'that aims to deliver the precision of aura-bright micro-evenness of tone and texture, even at a close range of 20cm'.

The cocktail's key secret lies in the Pixel-white, which blocks skin's stress receptors that are prone to cause hyperpigmentation. Together with Pitera, De-Melano P3C and Talape-white, these ingredients promise to bring about evenness of tone and texture at a micro-level and give you highly-defined aura skin.

All that you need are 2 drops of this potion, some warming up of the hands and outwards application! Run your fingers throughout your entire face and then press gently to increase blood circulation. (:

The Cellumination Deep Surge EX is a light-weight, gel-like moisturizer that complements the Cellumnation Essence EX. It penetrates deep into the skin to plump it up and of course, to moisturize it.

A pea-sized amount is sufficient for you to dot your entire face. Then, rub in the moisturizer outwards!

The Whitening Spots Specialist boutique was launched in 2011. The SK-II's whitening process starts with the Whitening Spots Specialist. It contains the potent Root Complex which cuts spots at the root, beneath the skin's surface.

It is then followed by the latest addition to the boutique, the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate. When applied to spots, this serum clings onto them, loosens them and thus, helps to remove them.

The sachets have all been labelled. Use one entire sachet every day, knuckle the serum in and sit back and relax as you watch your spots pull a disappearing act!!

Midway through the presentation, we were treated to a scrumptious lunch! The cod fillet was really good and the tiramisu addict in me was extremely pleased. :D

For beauty junkies like me, the heralding of SK-II's HD skincare's arrival is sheer delight to our ears. The Cellumination EX and Whitening Spots Specialist line-ups will be available at all SK-II's counters come March and prices are as follows:

Cellumination Essence EX (30/ 50ml) $199/ 299
Cellumination Deep Surge EX (509) $199
Whitening Spots Specialist (30/ 50ml) $176/ 258
Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate $209

On a side note, it is interesting to note the ever-changing needs of ladies. From wanting to be Snow-White fair to lusting after a porcelain doll-like complexion (Fairness AND rosiness.), we really are testing the lengths that science can go to for us. Haha. At the same time, it is even more interesting to see what science can actually achieve. (:
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