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EVENT: LEADERS InSolution Mask's Bloggers Launch Event

2 Saturdays ago, I attended the Leaders InSolution Mask's Bloggers Launch Event, organized by The Sample Store and Cossy. Thank you, dear Elfaine for the the invitation! :DDD

The event was held at the very cozy but obscure Raindrops Cafe. Haha. Do not, I repeat, do not enter *SCAPE building. The café isn't in it at all. Rather, it is located outside. It is somewhere behind Toast Box, if I remembered it right. The café is away from the flea area and though you can hear a stream of chatter, it isn't loud at all and in fact, quite peaceful and relaxing. I say, it's just the perfect place to have heart-to-heart talks (And also, a good pigging out session! Read on! :P)!

LEADERS InSolution is part of the Leaders Cosmetics Group. The group, which started in 2001, now owns and operates more than 10 clinics across the land of flawless complexions and long legs (I'm pretty sure you have seen their pop stars. EVERY single one of them has perfect, and I do mean PERFECT, skin and legs that go for miles and miles!), a.k.a South Korea. The group's own dermatologists developed profession skin care ranges which are popular among many Korean celebrities. It comes as no surprise then that the group has since won 5 patents, a national innovation and a scientific honour by South Korea.

In particular, the brand LEADERS InSolution is a COSMedical brand that is the birth child of LEADERS Skin Clinic's dermatologists. Principles used in dermatologists for common skin troubles are applied to this brand. It is a clinical range that is well-received by ladies (And perhaps, gentlemen. (: ) in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

Previously, you can only get LEADERS InSolution's masks online. Well, guess what?!? *jumps up and down* Come March (Gosh! Isn't March so utterly exciting for us, beauty junkies?!?), you can get them easily at our favourite Watsons! :DDD

Pretty Madelyn was our host for the day. I knew that she was a blogger but I had no idea that she did hosting too! And she did a really fine job! She was smooth and incredibly well-prepared. (:

And the very photogenic Yi Jing was our model for the day. Haha. Yi Jing kept telling us to Photoshop her photos but there isn't any need for it! :D

After giving us a short presentation on LEADERS InSolution's masks, Madelyn did a mask demonstration. This was when Yi Jing became Madelyn's doll. She had 2 different types of masks plastered on her face, one from Brand X and one from LEADERS InSolution!

The Brand X mask was thick and opaque, whereas the LEADERS InSolution one, being a natural cellulose sheet, felt a little like skin and was translucent. The latter was also soaked with tons of essence!

During the duration that Yi Jing had both masks on, the Brand X mask kept dropping at the chin area. The LEADERS InSolution one, on the other hand, adhered itself like a second skin. I hate doing nothing. Usually, when I have my masks on, I will blogging, reading or watching a show so the latter will be really convenient for me. Impatient me will probably throw away the Brand X one the moment it starts to drop!

We had a mini advert-making competition after that, which saw us fiddling with sparkly paper, cute stickers and pencils which came in a myriad of colours! Thereafter, we were treated to a scrumptious lunch!

Yummilicious desserts! My tummy was one happy... Well, tummy that day! :DDD

Here are some shots of my table, as well as a group shot, taken by the photographer!

And last but not least, our wonderful organizers and host! Thank you so much for the well-planned event! :DDD

And just a little more information about LEADERS InSolution Masks...

As aforementioned, this is a clinical brand. It was 'developed based on the dermatologic theories and clinical experience of the medical staff at LEADERS Clinic'. It prevents and treats skin troubles, whilst ensuring safety through strict laboratory tests. It uses the newest technology and natural ingredients, with absolutely no parabens, mineral oils, silicons and artificial pigments!

Under the brand, there are 2 ranges of masks. The Skin Renewal Masks are meant for prevention and the Skin Clinic Masks, for improvement. Each mask caters to a specific problem and since there are 8 types altogether, you will definitely find an answer to your skin woes!

I used the Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask, meant for whitening, this afternoon. The mask indeed adhered to my skin better than most masks which I have tried, allowing me to study without any disruptions. I didn't need to stick the mask back on my face because it didn't drop at all and so, I didn't have to make unnecessary trips to the loo just to wash off the essence that got onto my fingers. Essence didn't drip off the mask either. I applied the remaining essence in the packet to my elbows and arms.

After removing the mask, I patted the leftover essence into my skin. It felt sticky initially but pretty soon, I didn't notice it anymore. There wasn't any immediate whitening effect but my face did look slightly clearer and was certainly hydrated adequately. (: Well, anyway, these are my observations after just one usage and the efficacy of masks is really apparent only after long-term usage. Anyway, I think this afternoon's mask looked pretty promising. I can't wait to try the others! (:

LEADERS InSolution Masks are priced at $3.00 for the Skin Renewal Masks and $3.50 for the Skin Clinic Masks. They are available exclusively at these Watsons stores:

Ngee Ann City #B2-06 to 09
Ion Orchard #B4-12
Marina Square #02-212
Raffels City #B1-42
Bugis Junction #02-27 to 33
Vivo City #B2-17
Parkway Parade #B1-14/15/16
Tampines Mall #B1-07/08
IMM Building #01-53
Jurong Point #B1-12/13
Compass Point #02-12
Toa Payoh HDB Hub #01-510

For the month of March, there is a 'Buy any 3 Get 1 FREE' promotion. Good time to do some stocking up, aye? :D Do check out LEADERS InSolution's Facebook page and the Cossy's website. (:

Once again, a BIG thank you to The Sample Store, Cossy and Raindrops Cafe for the lovely event! :DDD

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