Saturday, February 11, 2012

EVENT: Olay with Maggie Cheung

I had school on the 2nd day of the P&G Beauty & Grooming (P&G B&G)'s 3-day symposium, 'The Beauty Debate/ Super Model Me', and so, I had to give it a miss. But I was back on the 3rd and final day when Maggie Cheung made her first appearance as Olay's Brand Ambassador in our sunny little island!

Olay, or rather the Oil of Olay as it was first known, is the child of a South African chemist, Graham Wulff, and his wife, Dinah. They wanted to challenge the possibilities of skincare available to women back in the 1950s. Then, women used thick and greasy creams housed in shoe polish-style tins (Oh my goodness... My skin will just fall off... *SHUDDERS*.).

The couple envisioned a product that women and most importantly, their skin, could truly love; 'one which not only embodied the lightness and sophistication of femininity, but also the boldness of a functional product that would protect the skin and restore its moisture.

After countless of trials, Oil of Olay was birthed in its subtle pink hue and trademark fragrance, 'sparking a revolution in skincare amongst women all across the world'.

Since then, 'Olay has remained as one of the foremost facial care brands, with 60 million users every year'. But even though decades have come to pass since the beginnings of the brand, Olay's philosophy has always remained true to Wulff and his wife; 'to combine an intimate understanding of what women want with cutting-edge technology to challenge the possibilities in skincare'.

"This is Olay - born of love, grounded in science, refined into beauty."

Olay has developed several boutiques to cater to the ever-changing needs of women. Be it hydration, sun protection, fairness or defying ageing, Olay has it all!

Total Effects: Perfect for the modern, multi-tasking woman, this targets the 7 signs of ageing - fine lines and wrinkles, blotches and age spots, rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, dry skin, dullness and visible pores.

Regenerist: For the mature woman, this effectively renews skin from the cellular level, working directly on the skin cells to improve texture and the toughest signs of ageing skin.

White Radiance: For the woman who seeks to be Snow White, this addresses hydration, translucency and whitening. It helps achieve bright, luminous fairness, rooted deep with the skin at cellular level.

Natural White: For the younger woman who seeks a healthy, glowy fairness. This nourishes the skin from the outside to the inside through skin renewal and hydration.

Professional Pro-X: This was designed in collaboration with dermatologists and P&G's scientists, bridging the chasm between science and beauty. This promises younger-acting and younger-looking skin in 28 days with its scientifically enhanced abilities to repair the moisture barrier and boost surface-cell turnover rate.

And on to the event, where Maggie Cheung related her Olay story and how she shared Olay's philosophy of 'Challenge What's Possible in Life' in her career, life and beauty!

When she first started out as an actress, she didn't know what to do most of the time. By challenging herself, she managed to break through role-stereotyping and geographical barriers, eventually rising to fame as an acclaimed actress, with a 2004 Cannes Film Festival Palme D'or Best Actress under her belt.

Where her personal life was concerned, she became the first ambassador for UNICEF China. She constantly reaches out to children in need, especially the girls who are slated to wash dishes and be mothers the moment they were born because of their gender.

Beauty-wise, Cheung acknowledges that ageing comes with time. It is more important to her that she does meaningful and fulfilling projects for herself and others. For her skincare regime, it's a mix-and-match routine for her. She advises us to get our base right first!

Alrighty. And that's it from me for this year's P&G Beauty & Grooming (P&G B&G)'s 'The Beauty Debate/ Super Model Me'. I hope you enjoyed reading. (: Have a fab Saturday! :DDD

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