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EVENT: SK-II's 'A New Paradigm in Skincare: High Definition Skin' Event

On the last day of January, I attended SK-II's 'A New Paradigm in Skincare: High Definition Skin' event. This event marked the launch of SK-II's latest innovations to their existing Whitening Spots Specialist and Cellumination boutiques. These include the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, Cellumination Essence EX and Cellumination Deep Surge EX.

With the arrival of High Definition (HD) technology, ladies, being ladies, are asking for more. We want skin that is completely, and I stress completely, flawless... We want skin that is HD too and by this, I mean that we want skin that is translucent, rosy and looks good with AND without makeup.

SK-II, being a brand that prides itself in catering to ladies' every need, came up with this HD skincare to deliver just that kind of skin! Skin that is with highly defined aura and spotless clarity!

Held at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante, I was quite taken by the building. It was utterly beautiful and felt incredibly rich.

A quick search on Google revealed that this majestic restaurant used to belong to the Alkaff family, one of Singapore's earliest Arab families. It was abandoned after World War II, fell into disrepair and was turned over to the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. Under Hotel Properties Limited, it underwent a million-dollar revamp to turn into the beauty that it is today. (:

The event kicked off with a beauty round table session, featuring photographer Ashley Mak, internationally-recognized makeup artist Grego Oh and celebrities Evelyn Tan and Jamie Teo.

Mak mentioned that 'HD changes the way we see things'. Now, everything is magnified 6 times and flaws like wrinkles, pigmentation and even facial hair become very stark on screen. In beauty shoots, the environment is controlled and RGB colours are actually used to get skin to look as naturally flawless as possible. Such is the basis that the Cellumination Essence EX is built upon.

For Oh, he felt that HD makeup was created to suit HD technology and 'it was only a matter, of course, before we looked for HD skin and HD skincare'. "With its quest for flawlessness, HD skin is the way to go. It is the future of skincare," said Oh.

Tan and Teo then shared their experiences as actresses who have to deal with HD filming. When Tan was filming Kevin Tong's 'Love Story' as a librarian, she needed the no-makeup-look makeup and she commented that for HD makeup to work, one really needs good skin and that means going back to the basics, i.e. having enough sleep and less stress etc.

As for Teo, working with HD platforms means that flaws are magnified and having this knowledge can distract one from one's craft. For her, HD technology increases her pressure in front of the camera and she stressed how important it is to have good skin.

A recent SK-II's study revealed that 'the true aura quality of a woman's skin is only revealed at a close range of 20cm'. At this distance, the micro-texture unevenness and micro-tone unevenness of the skin become glaringly obvious.

Besides unevenness of skin, dark spots make up another common skin issue that plague women. These things, though some are no bigger than a full-stop, are actually one of the toughest to deal with. The most lethal ones are not the spots which are visible to the naked eye. Rather, they are those that are 'hidden' and manifest slowly (And painfully.) over time.

With these 2 issues seated deep in their minds, SK-II sought to come up with answers that are evident within 20cm and within a matter of only 4 weeks!

First up, we have the Cellumination Essence EX. Thhis potion contains the new Aura-bright Cocktail, 'that aims to deliver the precision of aura-bright micro-evenness of tone and texture, even at a close range of 20cm'.

The cocktail's key secret lies in the Pixel-white, which blocks skin's stress receptors that are prone to cause hyperpigmentation. Together with Pitera, De-Melano P3C and Talape-white, these ingredients promise to bring about evenness of tone and texture at a micro-level and give you highly-defined aura skin.

All that you need are 2 drops of this potion, some warming up of the hands and outwards application! Run your fingers throughout your entire face and then press gently to increase blood circulation. (:

The Cellumination Deep Surge EX is a light-weight, gel-like moisturizer that complements the Cellumnation Essence EX. It penetrates deep into the skin to plump it up and of course, to moisturize it.

A pea-sized amount is sufficient for you to dot your entire face. Then, rub in the moisturizer outwards!

The Whitening Spots Specialist boutique was launched in 2011. The SK-II's whitening process starts with the Whitening Spots Specialist. It contains the potent Root Complex which cuts spots at the root, beneath the skin's surface.

It is then followed by the latest addition to the boutique, the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate. When applied to spots, this serum clings onto them, loosens them and thus, helps to remove them.

The sachets have all been labelled. Use one entire sachet every day, knuckle the serum in and sit back and relax as you watch your spots pull a disappearing act!!

Midway through the presentation, we were treated to a scrumptious lunch! The cod fillet was really good and the tiramisu addict in me was extremely pleased. :D

For beauty junkies like me, the heralding of SK-II's HD skincare's arrival is sheer delight to our ears. The Cellumination EX and Whitening Spots Specialist line-ups will be available at all SK-II's counters come March and prices are as follows:

Cellumination Essence EX (30/ 50ml) $199/ 299
Cellumination Deep Surge EX (509) $199
Whitening Spots Specialist (30/ 50ml) $176/ 258
Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate $209

On a side note, it is interesting to note the ever-changing needs of ladies. From wanting to be Snow-White fair to lusting after a porcelain doll-like complexion (Fairness AND rosiness.), we really are testing the lengths that science can go to for us. Haha. At the same time, it is even more interesting to see what science can actually achieve. (:

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